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Rice and Energy Paper Experiment Month 4

energy paper rice month 4

Hi Amazing Ones!

Time for an update on the Energy Paper and Rice Experiment.  We are now on month four and as you can see, the results speak for themselves!!! They are amazing!!! It’s now been four months since I thought I would do an experiment with Sifu James Foo’s Energy Paper.  The Energy Paper was originally created by Sifu James to assist the body to heal, repair DNA, and elevate your vibration to 528Hz.

Instructions on how to use the Energy Paper can be found by clicking here.  Please be sure to read the instructions and listen to the 40 minute audio from the live call that Sifu James Foo and I did last month.  Use it to assist yourself, your family and friends.  Emails us back your feedback and results.

Here is Cameron’s amazing results from using the Energy Paper – Abscessed Tooth Healed!

Dear Antonia,

Thank You soo much!!! 🙂 

My skin has been doing better than it has in months, and I found out that my tooth abscess does NOT need a root canal!! I can’t thank you enough for the advice. I am very grateful to you and Sifu James Foo for sharing your wonderful energies. I have also been sleeping sounder than I have in 6 months since wearing the energy paper taped to me all day, sleeping with it under my pillow, and clearing all drinking water with it. 

Many blessings and much love to you! <3
– Cameron