Masterpiece Life

You are Amazing!!!

Life got you totally confused? Seems like no one really
understands who you are or what you are up to.
Are you sometimes wondering yourself just
who you really are?

Let me have the pleasure of introducing you to You.
You are the most powerful and the most
magnificent being in this universe.
You are part of everything that has created
what you see around you – the trees, the sky,
the earth, the air, the water. And yes, you too
have the power to create your life in such an
incredible way that words can not describe it.

You are love and you are loved beyond what
you can perceive right now in this moment.
You may be saying “Yeah right” those are just
words on a paper and you don’t really know
who I am anyway.

Ah, but I do know who you are. Why – because
we are the same. You and I are the same. We
are just different expressions of the same thing.
You may like to swim, I like to walk.
You dream of being happy and so do I.

What are your dreams? Do you know that if you
dream it, it’s because it is possible? What drives you?
Is it an inner voice that keeps you looking for more
meaning in life? Is it a certain knowing that there
is something more than just the existence that we
call “reality”?

I bet the voice inside you is getting stronger and stronger
every day. Why do I know – because I hear and feel it too.
This is real. This voice is not just something going on in your
head. You are not going crazy. Your inner voice, inner guide,
higher self, holy spirit, soul, or whatever name you feel
most comfortable calling it, is there to guide you home.

That voice is there to tell you how incredible, amazing,
all powerful, brilliant, gorgeous, talented, unique
and perfect you really are.

Have you listened to it today? I know that sometimes
as I get caught up in the drama of the moment I forget
to listen. That’s when I need to take 5 minutes out, breath,
look around me and then I can hear it again.