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Stephen Pollitt and Source Energy Research

As you may know from Masaru Emoto’s  Messages from Water, water has a structure all it’s own and changes depending on it’s environment. Stephen Pollitt has been working to charge water with specific labels to make your own energy medicine out of water.

In my belief, everything around you nourishes and feeds your body.  Most living things on earth are nourished by the sun, the earth and water. I believe humanity was also designed this way.  With the current shift that we are undergoing we are moving toward that direction once again. Be sure to join me tomorrow night as Stephen Pollitt joins me to share his wonderful work with water and how it can best assist you.

Here are your call details:

Title: Stephen Pollitt and Source Energy Research

Time: Wednesday, May 28th at 9:00pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific

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To attend via telephone Number: (425) 440-5100, Pin Code: 171508#
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