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Releasing Barriers to Change

Many are talking about feeling a frustration that “Change” or “Shifting” isn’t happening faster. We all say we want global change.

Some are feeling that things really aren’t going to change and that nothing is working.

And then, some do want to change but they are attached to how change should look. Meaning, I want the world to change but I don’t want to lose any “comfort” that I’ve worked for. Or, I’m ok with changing the not so good parts of my life, but don’t touch anything else!

So then, what really is change.  Are we ok with allowing what needs to shift and no longer be in control of how we think it should look?


This is why this Wednesday at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific Franco DeNicola and I are hosting a Clearing/Meditation to Release Barriers to Change.

This Clearing and Meditation is designed to assist you, and then in turn, humanity to release barriers and belief systems as to what “change” is.
Remember, you are the wave that once you release you echo out and cause consciousness to transform.


Here are your call details:

Title: Releasing Barriers to Change
Time: Wednesday, April 9th at 9:00pm Eastern

Click Here To attend via Webcast

To attend via telephone: (425) 440-5100, Pin Code: 171508#

Or Click Here to check for a local dial-in number

Part 1 will be an introduction talk
Part 2 will be the clearing/meditation

So looking forward to being together!!!  🙂 <3