Masterpiece Life

From Confusion to Clarity Points

Franco DeNicola

Our “From Confusion to Clarity” call
with Franco DeNicola was such an
incredible success. We had so many
questions coming in that there was
no way we could actually get to all
of them.

We talked about what is taking place
right now in our planet’s shift and how it is affecting

We are living in extra-ordinary times.
There is an incredible amount of change going on now
that has never been experienced in our history.
Franco explains that this is something that
we have all chosen to come to the planet now
to experience.

We are here because we now have a choice to

change the future of our existence.  I bet you
heard that said many times before. So then why
is this time different?

Franco goes into much more depth that I can cover
here in a brief article. If you would like to listen
to the complete interview you can do so until
midnight, Sunday, March 14th. Just Click Here.

What is different now is that the soul/higher self
has taken over. Franco explains that up until recently
the mind and the unconscious mind played the
major role in what became manifested. This meant
that as long as you focused your mind and removed
unconscious belief system that weren’t working for
you (i.e., I’m not worthy, money is bad, I’m unlovable, etc.)
that you could pretty much manifest what you desired.
The soul/higher self only had about a 30% say in what

That has all changed now.

The soul/higher self is now on an accelerated growth path.
It is no longer letting just the mind control the outcome
of our existence (Franco goes into more detail on the call).
The soul/higher self is now controlling 70% of what gets
manifested and its purpose is growth.

If you desire something and it isn’t going to detract from
your growth – it will manifest. However, if that desire
is in any way going to block or slow down your growth,
it will not manifest.

There are so many other points for you to listen to.
Be sure to Click Here, listen and be prepared to open
up your mind to a new level of conversation.
This replay will only be available until midnight,
Sunday, March 14, 2010.