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Pineal Qi Gong Energy Transmission and One on One Sessions

Amazing Source Essence That You Are!  🙂

Feeling a bit more settled?  The energies that came in on the 14th may have rattled you a bit and brought up some more emotions for you to look at.  If so, all is good!  Be sure to use the HAP Technique to assist when those emotions come up. You can access the recording for it here.

I recommend that when you are meditating you focus on streaming into you LOVE Energy (specifically the latest LOVE download which was August 4th, 2013) and also connecting and downloading SUN energy.

Notice how all the Clearings/Activations/Meditations that Franco and I do we always involve streaming in energy from our sun and the galactic sun?  This will make your clearings so much more powerful.  Be conscious of this next time you meditate or use one of the clearings and notice how you feel.

Time for our monthly Qi Gong Healing Transmission and sessions.

(I say Qi Gong because it helps put an identifier on it but really it is all Universal Energy).  🙂

Qi Gong and Feng Shui Master James Foo and I will be hosting an on-line Qi Gong Pineal Energy Transmission on Wednesday, February 26th at 9pm Eastern.

If you missed the previous Qi Transmissions on the Hypothalamus Reset and Love you can access them in the Clearing/Activations/Meditations section.

The Pineal Gland will be going through many resets this year to further accelerate the wakening of more and more in humanity.

For now here are your call details:

Title: Pineal Gland Qi Gong Energy Reset and Healing Sessions
Date & Time: Wednesday, February 26th at 9:00pm Eastern

Attend by Webcast:


Guest pin code: 171508#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100(425) 440-5100

Full list of dial in Numbers:

We will start immediately with the Pineal Reset Qi Transmission then follow with the One on One sessions.

If you arrive late and just hear silence then please know that we are connecting and transmitting so just sit silently and allow yourself to receive.

I highly recommend you stay for the whole call as there is so much that you can learn from it to assist yourself and your loved ones!

Following the Pineal Qi Transmission we will have a few one on one sessions.


All are welcome to attend.  We would greatly appreciate contribution to assist us to continue.  🙂  <3

You can Click Here to contribute now.  – Thank You!  <3