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From Confusion to Oneness Fluidity Clearing

We are sending you so much love as you read this post!! Thank you for being the AMAZING BEing that you are!!  We are ALL coming together to co-create an amazing shift and awakening for humanity.  🙂  <3

Franco DeNicola and I will be hosting another Clearing & Activation this week as we felt this would best assist our current transformation.

We will not be having a Q&A Session this month as Franco will be away.

There is actually an energetic shift coming in on the 4th.  🙂  Interesting that we had already planned to all be together that day even before Franco and I knew we would be hosting a Clearing!

Here are your details for Tuesday:

Title: From Confusion to Oneness Fluidity
Time: Tuesday, February 4th at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific

Part 1:  From Confusion to Oneness Fluidity – Talk
Part 2: From Confusion to Oneness Fluidity – Clearing/Activation

Click Here to attend via webcast .

To attend via phone:
Phone Number:
(425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 171508#

Or, click here to check for a local dial-in number…
So looking forward to being together on Tuesday!