Masterpiece Life

From Confusion to Clarity

Wow. We just finished our call on “From Confusion to Clarity”
with our good friend Franco DeNicola. I hope you were
there to.  It was a pretty deep level conversation
about what is really taking place in our lives and on
the planet right now.

It was ultimately about clearing out all the stuff that
has kept us doing the same things over and over,
while expecting different results. Franco went into
why Law of Attraction may not be working for you.

There were so many powerful points to our conversation.
You can still purchase the Masters of Awakening VIP
program and have all the call audios and transcripts.
And believe me, Franco’s call is something you will
want to listen to again and again.

To purchase the VIP Program with the replays
simply go to

Well’ that leaves only one more day for the March
Masters of Awakening series. We look forward to
connecting with you tomorrow.