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LOVE Energy Transmission with James Foo & Antonia Hagens

Time to focus on LOVE again tonight!

Master James Foo and myself will be hosting a live Qi Gong LOVE Download tonight.

There have been two major Love energy downloads for humanity.  The first was about 2000 years ago with Jesus Christ. The second took place around August 4, 2013.  Both of these brought strong frequencies of love to the planet for all those who are open to connecting and receiving.  These downloads of love are paving the way for many changes yet to come.

There are many frequency changes on the way from now until the spring and Sifu James Foo and I both feel (along with Franco DeNicola) that for this next while we really need to feel grounded in LOVE.

All are welcome to join us tonight.  If you miss the live program a replay will be available in the Clearings and Activations section a few days following the live call.

We will start the call with the LOVE Download.  This will be a silent energy transmission by Master James and myself  so if you get on late and only hear silence then just allow yourself to sit in peace.

Immediately following the LOVE Energy Transmission we will work with those who have requested one on one sessions.

We already have more people than what we will be able to work with for the one on one sessions. We will get to as many people as possible in this 90 minute segment.

Our apologies if we are not able to assist you. We find that after 90mins we become too tired to be of the best assistance.

Here are your details for tonight:

Title: Qi Gong LOVE Energy Healing Transmission

Part 1:  Qi Gong LOVE Energy Healing Transmission

Part 2:  Qi Gong Healing Sessions

Date & Time: Tuesday, January 28th at 9:00pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific

Click Here to attend via webcast.

To attend via phone:

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 171508#

Or, click here  for a local dial-in number


Thank you very much for your contributions as it assists me to continue.

Master James Foo also thanks you as part of the contributions will also go to him.

You can Click Here to contribute now.  – Thank You!