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Feminine & Masculine to Neutral Balancing Clearing

Amazing Source Essence That You Are,

Join Franco DeNicola and I this Wednesday, December 18th starting at 8pm Eastern for the final clearing of 2013 on Feminine & Masculine to Neutral Balancing.

If you missed last week’s Part 1 of this conversation you can Click Here to go to the recording.

Title: Feminine & Masculine to Neutral Balancing
Part 1:  Q&A Continuation (8pm – 10pm)
Small Break
Part 2:  Clearing
Time: Wednesday, December 18th at 8:00pm Eastern
5pm Pacific | 8pm Eastern

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Here are the questions that were left over from last week that we will be addressing in the first half of the program:

Will there be passion in the “neutral” state?

What about sexuality?

What will the extremes of emotions be like?

Will we still experience duality in the 5th dimension?

There is a lot of talk about the importance of comet Ison.  Can you explain how this is effecting us or not?

Can you suggest a better set of words to distinguish between energies (besides masculine/feminine) These words are tied up into sex (of a physicality).

Twin Flames:   Can you expound on the subject of Twin Flames? Does every soul have a twin flame? What is their actual purpose? Are they always masculine and feminine? If twin flames do not incarnate together in the same reality at the same time, at what dimensional levels and when do they reunite?   I also heard about Angels and Ascended Masters connecting with their twin soul on earth. Please provide any input you may wish to share.

Can you talk about the future time frame of our physical bodies in regards to the conversion from the crystalline based verses carbon based structures we have now? Will we still be male and female, or genderless? Will sex still be an important expression of love in relating to our fellow man, or will we be moving more towards a universal love? At what dimensions do physicalities become androgynous? Does sex as we would call it exist there?

When will we be able to sufficiently fuel our bodies through the conversion of mono atomic elements in the air and sunlight? Is it safe to ingest mono atomic elements such as ORMUS (orbitally rearranged mono atomic elements) in the meantime?

Using terms we have in place at this time…How will this affect the gay orientation? Will there be an understanding and acceptance closer to what we now term Bi?

Can this be better described as Being in a physical body which has a sex, occupied by a soul with a gender mixture, co-creating an experience without a separation agenda?

Is coming in as a ‘left brained’ female or a ‘right brained’ male part of this new experience of soul?

Are there any fully masculine or fully feminine gendered beings? Are they all a blend of these? Is it beneficial to be equally both? Why
If feminine and masculine are archetypes, or inner qualities: What is ‘something new’ or ‘the child’ these 2 archetypes create together? How to build that new quality in oneself using these 2 powers?

How long before teleportation?