Masterpiece Life

Living is Always Learning

Life is a constant path of learning and adjusting.
To live is to learn. The key is to be able to connect
within, access your guidance, and then take action.

At times life seems easy and flowing and we are
just effortlessly moving from one thing onto the next.
Then there are those times where things may
appear to not be as effortless. Where we feel drained.
I believe that those are themselves the greatest times

for learning and growth. I’m not saying that
things have to be difficult in order for us to learn
and grow. Learning actually happens in a much
more accelerated manner when you are learning
in joy. It just seems that for most of us we forget
to connect inside unless things aren’t going as
smooth as we would like them to.

Why is that? May be it’s because when we are in
joy we are already fully connected and are
experiencing the power that we truly are.
The “I Am” of all creation. We feel that
everything is possible and it is.

Then comes the time that I call “the winter”
because it is a time for introspection, evaluation,
and adjustment. This is the quiet time. This also
tends to be the time when we go within and
awaken again to the power that we are.

Today was such a day for me.  A day when I’m
re-evaluating how we at Masterpiece Life can
better access and give you, our readers and
listeners, what will most powerfully assist you.

We know the power of the people we present
to you. Is this serving you? Is there a better
way that we can assist you? Is there a way that
we can better connect?

We’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to
comment and let us know what you are thinking.

We send you love  and wish you a magical day 🙂