Masterpiece Life

What’s Your Foundation?

Scott Martineau

There are many teachers, luminaries, thought leaders and
visionaries in our world today. Here at Masterpiece Life,
Brenda and I have the honour and privilege of working with
some of the best. Scott Martineau from is
one such incredible human being.

I’ve know Scott and his work  for at least 7 years. This past year
I’ve gotten to know him even better. And wow! This is someone
you absolutely want to be mentored by.

Here at Masterpiece Life we know that our purpose is to
empower as many people as possible. Scott could feel
our passion and responded by mentoring us so that we could
make that passion a viable daily reality.

Scott is our guest tonight on the Masters of Awakening.
If you haven’t yet, you can register for free at:
Join us at 8pm Eastern. Make sure you grab
a pen and paper and get ready to be awakened
to a power inside of you that is ready to shine.

Sometimes, when we start on the inner journey of
self discovery things get a little “too spiritual” – if you
know what I mean. Scott is the best person I know to
bring you back to your core so that you stay grounded.

Why is this important? Personally I find that when my
foundation is solid it is much easier to build on.
The Universe always provides and Scott was there
exactly when we needed to be reminded to come
back to our core, line up and fire again.

Thank you Scott!

It’s pretty simple, if you are ready to be mentored
by a visionary to become a visionary then be sure to be
on tonight’s call with Scott.