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What Can a Multi-Millionaire Teach You About Success with Ease?

Marc Allen

Tonight’s very special guest on the Masters of Awakening is known as
the lazy millionaire. Why? Well, he doesn’t work on Mondays.
He doesn’t work mornings. He doesn’t work evenings. He works
about a 20 hour work week. And, he only works when he
feels like it.

How would you like to learn from him? He is a living
example that success and hard work do not have to
go together. Tonight Marc will be speaking on
“Success with Ease”. He lives it and he teaches it.

You might be thinking – well that’s easy when you are
a multi-millionaire. You can pay others to do everything
for you. Well, you see, Marc was “working” this way long
before he became a multi-millionaire.

He’s a true rags to riches success story. Life was hard for him
and poverty was something he knew very well. Then, it
all changed. Tonight he will talk about what took him
from poverty and a poverty consciousness to now
being a very successful multi-millionaire.

He’s an author, a publisher and a musician.
We encourage you to listen and learn from this proven
Master who is here to teach you the new paradigm
of having a successful life – business and personal,
with Ease. Marc wouldn’t have it any other way!

We’ve taken Marc’s program and have been coached
by him personally. We have put his recommendations
into effect in our business so we know that what he
speaks of works.

Be sure to listen to him tonight at 8PM Eastern
on the Masters of Awakening series. This is
something you do not want to miss!
Because after all, aren’t you tired of working hard?