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Reconnective Healing, Science and New Frequencies

Doug DeVito

Tonight on the Masters of Awakening series we have the
honour of interviewing Doug DeVito from The Reconnection.

In all of my years of being a healer and being certified in many
different healing modalities I must say that The Reconnection
is one of the most powerful energies that I have experienced.

For all of you who are healers I recommend that you check out
The Reconnection and see if it calls to you. There is something
very powerful about this Energy, Light & Information that is
new to the planet for the first time.

Tonight we will be interviewing Doug DeVito on what the
latest scientific research is showing about these frequencies.
Join us at

Whether or not you think you are a healer (and by the way,
everyone is a healer) there will be lots for you to learn in this
interactive discussion of what scientists are discovering about
healing and these new frequencies.