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Chile, Haiti, You and Me

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

Wow, some incredible changes are happening around the world.
Some would say it’s due to global warming and climate change.
Some would say it’s because of the quickly approaching 2012 and
the changes that it will bring about.

Personally, I ascribe to Gregg Braden’s explanation in
“Fractal Time – The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age”.
Fractal Time states that, due to the earth’s position in orbit and
it’s proximity to the sun, we will be experiencing weather changes
and natural changes. These changes have been scientifically shown
to occur in a pattern of time throughout the earth’s history.

Here is what I have been noticing so far in my life.
There is an urgency to “clean house”. Things are
happening at an incredible pace that is giving me no choice
but to prioritize what really matters most to me. More than ever,
I need to be clear on what are my core values and how
am I living them every day.

I think clarity of purpose is something that everyone is looking
for, more than ever. What are we here for?  What is really |
happening? These are questions that Brenda & I encounter daily
from our members at Masterpiece Life.

I believe that we are living one of  the greatest transformations
in  time.  As Gregg Braden states, “We are at a choice point” in our
history. We can choose to change and become more focus
on the power within us and live our lives with ease and flow.
Or, we can fight for the old way of possessions and ego and
live a life of drama, pain, suffering and hard work.

Granted, in the beginning change is unfamiliar and
can seem scary, if we let our egos take control.
I’m finding that the more I can surrender and follow
that voice within me the easier it becomes. It’s almost
like I don’t have to worry about my “decisions” as they
seem to take care of  themselves.