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Happy Halloween – Clear Fear and Entities Today

Amazing Source Essence That You Are,

Happy Halloween!

I have a request for you today.  Can you please take time
out today to do the Clearing Fear and Entities Clearing?

Halloween has been used in the past a time to assist the old
3D control system to enforce densities on planet earth.
This of course is all changing because humanity it waking up!!!

By taking the time out today to do the Clearing you will be
greatly assisting yourself and all of humanity. You will feel lighter and more at peace.

You can access the Clearing Fear and Entities Clearing on the Clearings/Activations tab on
this site or you can go directly to the Fear and Entities Clearing link here.

Halloween is also call “All Souls Day”, it was thought of as the one day when spirits (entities)
could once again walk the earth and communicate with their loved ones.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking of a loved one who has passed on.
If you do, send them love, light, peace and oneness.

If you find yourself being extremely emotional or having drastic mood changes or a
“cold feeling” running down your spine then just focus on sending that entity love
and command it home to Source – until you can make time to do the full
Fear and Entities Clearing.

Another easy and quick way to deal with the emotional swings is to use the
HAP Technique which I just demonstrated last night.  You can access
the replay for Clearing Deep Emotions with HAP here.