Masterpiece Life

I Need Some Space!

Some people think that when you become awakened to personal
power, self growth and spirituality you will forever give up
everything for someone else.

Nope – it isn’t like that. I’ll give you an example from my life today.

I have 3 gorgeous children (Sophie 8, Julien 6 and Katia 3).
Our days are packed with homework, karate, ballet, piano,
choir, soccer and finding other things to do together for
fun as a family. Today I noticed that I was feeling physically
tired and that the usual family noises and activities where
pushing some buttons that aren’t normally activated.
The result was that I was becoming short tempered
and no fun to be with.

Luckily, we have created a game in our family called,

“I need my space”. Whenever anyone of us utters that
sentence the others stop what they are doing and leaves
that person alone.

You see, sometimes anger and impatience comes from just
not honouring yourself first. I knew that I had pushed
myself to get a project completely and yet, now was
the weekend and I wanted to spend time with my children.
However, inside I was feeling drained and forcing myself to
give more was only causing resentment.

Problem was that I had not taken care of  me first.
I hadn’t honoured my own need to refuel.
Thank goodness for the secret pass code of
the “I need my space” game. The children stopped,
I walked away to my room where I could breath
deeply and relax.

I came back to join the family when I felt good
inside. The result was that I could laugh and joke
with then instead of getting irritated.

So now, let me ask you this question.
How do you honour your space?
When you are feeling that you have nothing
left to give inside what do you do?
Do you push yourself to give more?
Or, do you take time out to refresh and refuel?