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Advice on How to Get The Most Out of the Clearings

Loana asked a great question on how to get the most out of the Clearings.
I’m sure many others may also have the same question so I am posting it here.
Thanks Loana for bringing it up!  🙂

Hi guys, I was just listening to some of your old meditations and the one I was listening to – is Releasing the State of Being Stuck.
I was wondering if you have any suggestions on clearing and shielding of personal energies.
I have listened to a few meditations and done a few exercises, but I am open to other suggestions.
Thank You.
– Loana S Morgan
Franco’s Reply:
As for your inquiry for further suggestions on what you can do. I would recommend repeating the different meditations,
several times and also do some of the other ones, they are interconnected and will reinforce the others.
The meditations assist in removing layers, repeating them will continue to remove the layers.
By doing the different ones, each one covers a certain area which exposes others, therefore repeating
the meditation it will be able to access layers that may have not been accessible prior.

The other thing is to notice some of the things that get triggered during your daily journey,
that will assist in pinpointing some areas that need to be cleared.
There are many clearing resources available that we are making available.

Hopefully what has been shared is of help to you.  Have a great rest of the day and week!

Sending you much love & light,
– Franco DeNicola