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Clearing Deep Emotions

Antonia Hagens

Amazing Source Essence That You Are!

Did you feel the energy changes that came in just
before the Lunar Eclipse last week? Around October 17, 2013?

Many people have been telling me that they have
been very emotional and feeling exhausted.

I’ve put together a quick call to assist you with all that is happening now.

I will be teaching you a NEW H.A.P. technique that my good friend Qi Gong and Feng Shui
Master James Foo just started sharing to release deep emotions.

Here are your call details:

Title: Clearing Deep Emotions with Antonia
Time: Wednesday, October 30th at 9:00pm Eastern

Post Call – Click Here to listen to the replay

Some of you may already be using EFT and it is a good tool


with EFT you need to know the exact cause of your emotions.

Right now lots of old emotions are coming to the surface to be cleared.
The H.A.P. Technique will easily and greatly assist you to clear
those VERY DEEP emotions that you can’t even begin to identify.

Join me tonight!!

Thank you for your contributions as it greatly assist us
to continue to offering you these powerful

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We are co-creating sooooo much change together.


Post Call:

Thank you everyone for attending.  I received get feedback and requests that we continue doing
these calls.  I will do my best to host one a month.

Here is some of the feedback:

“Wow! I was amazed at what came up for me . . . the energy flow and release was pretty phenomenal.
Thank you so much for assisting me in this process in these moments.”
– Effie

“Thanks Antonia for clarifications! Wow! I felt and saw the exact moment were the trauma came from
when I was I child… I felt the fear of being alone, the fear of abandonment…”
– Elise