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What does Peace mean to you?

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

We all want peace. Many of us are daily focusing on it and
doing our best to create it.

Yet, I asked myself today. What is peace?

Is it a journey? Is it a state of mind?  
Is it just a dream that  keeps us moving forward?

To me peace is not the Hollywood images of soft smiles,
gentle looks, and everyone moving slowly and reverently about.

No, to me peace is a celebration of diversity. It is allowing others
to be different. It means that we all enjoy doing different things.
Ultimately it means that fear is absent. That “you” versus “me”
doesn’t exist.

It’s like an apple pie. Each slice comes from and belongs to the main pie.
Each slice has the same ingredients. Yet, each slice is subtly different
based on how the fruit is arranged inside. As a unit it is unique,
delicious and brings so much enjoyment.  If you dismantle it, it will
still taste good – it just loses the power it had as a whole.

What does does peace mean to you?

Hey, all this talk about pies is making me hungry! 🙂