Masterpiece Life

Why the Fear?

Hi Amazing Ones,

As Brenda and I are preparing for the Masters of Awakening
that starts next week,
the issue that most comes up is “fear”.

Along my journey to mastery I’ve learned to pay attention to
fear. I don’t mean to focus on it or to let it have power over me,
but more to realize that when it comes up it serves me. How?
It is showing me what I need to clear out next.

I believe fear is one of the most used emotions to control in our
society. That is why newspapers, the media and most advertising
has the power to control us – if we let it.

What I have also noticed is that fear is a lie, as one of the teachers
who we often have as a guest says “Fear is an illusion”.
If you are living with a lot of fear this may sound untrue because
what you are afraid of seems very real.

However, if you can step back and imagine a life without fear
you would see that most of what we allow ourselves to be
controlled with (money, health, relationship, etc) would no
longer have any power over us.

I believe that this is what mastery is about. Coming to a
point in this life time where you are no longer ruled by fear.
Where you see fear for what it is and then make your choice
without the influence of fear.

Funny isn’t it, how when we look back over something we were
afraid of, but that no longer holds power over us, we can easily
see the illusion that it was.