Masterpiece Life

The Greatest Love of All

Inspiration from “The Greatest Love of All” lyrics by George Benson

Revision and Editing by Tom Bader



We have been told that children are our future, all the more reason to
take the responsibility to teach them well and let them lead the way.
Teach them to see the beauty they possess inside, so that they acknowledge
their Inner Greatness, developing a sense of pride steeped in humbleness,
rather than on the ego. Allow the children’s laughter to contact your
True Selves existing from the beginning of all times.

As other people, in my quest to feel completeness, I searched eagerly to
feel and receive LOVE. Sometimes feeling desperate when I didn’t find it,
or for Love found, then suddenly lost. And in these endeavors to find LOVE,
many Masters came to my life. Among them, those lonely moments, feeling
sorry for myself due to my solitude, expecting LOVE from the outside to fill
my voids. So I learned to depend on myself, choosing never to walk in
anyone’s shadows. Creating a scenario in which if I failed or succeeded it
would only depend on me, thinking that if all were taken from me, my
dignity would remain intact. Oooh… how arrogant!

This Master stayed patiently by my side until I was ready to learn that
these lonely spaces were the opportunity to discover that the greatest
LOVE was here, the ME inside! That sacred area in my heart where

The greatest LOVE is easy to achieve; only change the focus of attention
from the outside to the inside.

Learning to LOVE yourself is the greatest LOVE of all!

And if in your quest for your dreams you find a lonely place, do not be
afraid… It is your opportunity to find The True LOVE!
Your Divine Essence which sprouts from the creative source…

LOVE thy neighbor as thyself! When you truly understand this affirmation
you will know that you have arrived. And your LOVE will then express
unto all that surrounds you. The most valuable gift given to us by our Creator.
Indeed, the reason of our Presence!!