Masterpiece Life

Masters are here, are you joining them?

Change is here.  And more is on the way.
It’s why you asked us to bring back the Masters of Awakening series.
Yes, we know that if you are reading this email that you are on a
path of awakening . . . but awakening can’t come fast enough
as things are changing at such a rapid pace.

Within you is a power that holds all the power and creative life force
that you could ever imagine. Nothing is missing.  Nothing needs fixing.
And when you really get this, all the external influences lose their
grip on you wen you wake up and embrace this notion.
So, how do you wake up out of the fog and confusion
that keeps you tethered to old beliefs and habits.
The Masters of Awakening March 2010 series is about to
change this for you. Six (6) world class experts will impart their
knowledge, wisdom and action steps that advanced
each of them to mastery.
They are masters in prosperity, personal power,
health & healing and soul awakening.
Let them show you the power of an
Awakened YOU.
We made it simple for you to listen to all 6 experts for just $1 . . .
OR, you can own the recorded replays, the transcripts
of the calls, and their special speaker bonuses
Make the reservation that will shift it all for you NOW.
It’s happening March 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, & 10th.
Wishing you a great awakening.
Antonia & Brenda
PS – this is extremely big value for an
extremely small price ($1) – reserve now.