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Lunar Eclipse October 18, 2013 Send Love

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Today is the October 18, 2013 lunar eclipse. Please focus on sending love to the moon, satellites, cell towers, cell phone and all things with electronic draining frequencies.  The moon has been emitting frequencies that have assisted to keep earth and humanity it the old 3rd dimension experience.  This agreement came to a completion on December 21, 2012.  The sun has been intensifying in order to assist humanity and planet earth to dissolve all the old 3D dense energies.  Notice how much purging is going on with all the extreme weather changes?  The solar flares and more are greatly assisting us to move forward.  As you hear about weather abnormalities please remain centered in Love, Peace and Oneness.  This is all occurring to assist as many to wake up now as possible.

Especially today , and for the rest of the month of October, please focus on sending love to the moon and on all those sources of “dirty energy” that we have been taught to fear.  I had written about this last week and you can access that blog post here.

Here is a little experiment for you. Sit quietly and clear your mind.  Then connect to the energy on the moon and see how you feel.  Next focus on the energy coming out of your cell phone, smart meter, cell tower, etc, and notice how that makes you feel?  Do you notice the similarities?  Do you feel how scattered, fragmented and anxious it makes you feel? Have you noticed how there are more car accidents on a full moon, more arguments, more heart attacks – just ask anyone who works in a hospital emergency room and they will tell you what it is like on a full moon – crazy!  Remember the expression that “all the crazies come out on a full moon”.  Well, that’s because the moon has been sending out frequencies that do scatter and un-focus the mind.

We are changing all this.  Being in the 4th dimension now, the moon ‘s “pull” is no longer as strong as it once was.  The sun has intensified for many reasons and one of those is to assist in neutralizing the moon’s effect.  As you join us in sending Love, Light, Peace and Oneness to the moon, and all that is contained therein, you are further assisting the awakening of humanity.  Illusions will dissolve even faster than they are now.

You can simply do this using any meditation techniques that you prefer or you can use the Clearings and Activations that Franco DeNicola and I have created.  These are easily available in the Clearing and Activation section of site or Click Here to go there now.

Thank you for co-creating this incredible shift together!  🙂  <3