Masterpiece Life

Sharing Our Prosperity

How would you like to earn some money effortlessly?

We are just putting the final touches on our new
Masters of Awakening series that runs March 2- 10, 2010.

There will be 6 incredible teachers who we have worked with
and they have empowered us personally, empowered our business
and our health.

And we thought – let’s share the prosperity with our community!

How would you like to get paid 50% of the Masters of Awakening sales?

Here’s the deal:

The Basic Program for Masters of Awakening series will only
cost $1 to get access to all the calls, possibly even get coached
live and receive some Masterpiece Life downloadable gifts that
retail for $85 – all of this for only $1

Everyone will have the opportunity to upgrade to the VIP Program
which includes:

* All 6 MP3s of the 90 minute recordings
* Transcripts of all sessions
* Special speaker gifts
* Entry into a draw for coaching sessions
* Masterpiece Life MP3 gift package  – value $85

All this for only $67

If you chose to sign up as our partner and email your friends and
family about the Masters of Awakening series we pay you 50%
of every person that registers for the series and/or upgrades
to the VIP Program.

If you are interested go to: – enter your
name and email address and you will be sent all
the tools you need to get started.

We ask that you wait until Tuesday, February  23
to start sending your emails out.

The site is still under final development and not yet
ready for you to send your friends and family there.
We will notify you by email as soon as everything is
ready to go.

Thanks for being  our Partner!!

We send you love & wish you a magical day,
Antonia & Brenda