Masterpiece Life

The Earth Was Created for ALL of Us

The earth was created for ALL of us.  It really is the Garden of Eden.  We have an incredible diversity of animal life, sea life, plant life and even a beautiful diversity within humanity.  We agreed to an illusion that brought in fear, separation, control, hierarchy and that agreement has ended as of December 21, 2012.  Now that we are in the 4th Dimension we are experiencing a transition from the old world of control, hierarchy, power, corruption, drama (the ego dominated world) to truth, transparency, equality, love, peace and neutrality.  2013, 2014 are years of a Great Awakening.  Much is and will continue to be shaken up to awaken as many as possible. The illusion of control is dissolving.

Money WILL dissolve for it is the greatest separator, creator of inequality and illusion of power and control from the old 3rd Dimension world.  It has served it’s purpose and now it can be dismantled.  By 2018 it will no longer be looked at or used as it is now.  Somewhere between 2020-2030 it will be completely gone.  How soon all this takes place all depends on US.  The more we focus on BEing and DOing Love, Peace, Light through all that transpires then WE change the timelines.  For those of you who might think that we can not live in a world without some kind of “money” or that it makes life easier, please open your mind to the fact that we did not always rely on money as we have come to.  Take money away.  Make EVERYONE EQUAL.  Have Energy be abundant and free for all (as it is in nature) and we will come together to create such incredible things that we have never been able to before.  This is where we are headed.  This is the true Garden of Eden that we are returning to.

We are ALL CREATED EQUAL this includes humanity, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the marine kingdom – all life on earth.  ALL of us.  What breathes life into you and me breathes live into EVERYTHING.  There is no separation, I harm or destroy anything here on planet earth then I am also hurting and destroying a part of me.  As we all awaken to how powerful each and everyone one of us truly is our whole world will change.