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Are You Feeling Confused?

Many of you have let us know that you are experiencing a sense of
confusion about what is happening, what is your purpose in this life time
and why  you may just be feeling tired of it all.

Some of you have even let us know that at times you feel like
you are going crazy.

We hear you. We are all living a great change.  And, with great change
comes the need to let go and move forward or get stuck in the
overwhelm of what seems like a world gone crazy around you.

Yet, the question becomes – “How do I let go?”, or better yet,
“I can’t trust letting go because I’m afraid of where it will lead me.”

This is why we have asked a very special and unique friend to be
on our Masters of Awakening series that starts March 1, 2010.

You’ll be hearing more about that next week – now back to
how we can help out with the “confusion”.

Go to this page ==> Ask Franco and answer this question:
“What is your single biggest area of confusion at this time?”

We appreciate your input as it will better help us to assist you.

Answer the question Here.

Then look for the Masters of Awakening notices that you will be receiving
starting next week and be on the conference calls. Franco will be speaking
on Tuesday, March 9 at 8pm Eastern.

Thank you for your honesty.

You are doing a great job!!