Masterpiece Life

Willingness to Change

We all wish better for ourselves and those we love.
Question is, are you willing to change? That may sound like a very
simple question but really it’s not. Most people will very quickly say,
“Of course I am willing to change! I want a better life.”

Let’s look at this a little deeper. If having a better future meant that you
lost your house, would you still be willing to change?
If willing to change meant that the people who you consider to be your
friends stopped liking you – would you still change?
If having a better future meant that you needed to experience a
disease, would you still be open to accepting change?

Willingness to change is, I believe, one of the most courageous things you
can do for yourself. It means admitting that “I don’t know all the answers”.
It means “I’m willing to move forward into unknown experiences;
trusting that everything will unfold at the perfect time”.
It means following a pull inside of you that is greater than
anything outside of you.

If you are truly willing to change you will be amazed at the speed with which
the Universe provides you with opportunity after opportunity.
Some of these opportunities  may feel unfamiliar and therefore initially
uncomfortable. If you can let go and enjoy the ride, a new world will
magically open up for you.

Have you noticed that change is all around you anyway? Have you sensed
that what used to work in the past will no longer work going forward?

Does this mean things get “hard”. No! As long as you can detach and move with
the flow you will feel an empowerment like nothing ever before.

So now you have two choices. You can embrace it and more forward
in flow, effortlessness, purpose, peace and joy. Or, you can fight it,
and make it hard for yourself.

I believe that the time is quickly approaching for a new world order.
I believe humanity is on the brink of a “human upgrade”.
Will you fight it or will you move forward with the change?