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Send Love to the Moon, Satellites, Cell Towers, Cell Phones, Wifi, etc

Lunar Eclipse

Welcome to October!!! 🙂

Time to assist more illusions to rapidly dissolve!

October 18th 2013 is the next lunar eclipse.

Ever notice how moon energy makes you feel very different from sun energy?  There are of course countless stories about the moon and wolves, vampires, witches, scarifies and on and on.

The moon transmits an old energy that kept planet earth locked in a 3D frequency. It was part of the super-imposed false matrix that kept humanity in a frequency that encouraged separation, polarity and forgetting who we really are.

These energies that are coming from the moon are being reinforced and retransmitted via satellites, cell towers, cell phones, Wifi, etc.

Soooooo, it’s time to share some love and have more fun! 🙂

With the coming lunar eclipse Franco and I would love your assistance by sending Love, Peace & Oneness to the moon, satellites, cell towers, cell phones, Wifi, etc.

In your meditations, can you please focus on sending love to the moon leading up to and including the day of the lunar eclipse (October 18th)?

You can use any of the Clearings that here on the Masterpiece Life site or you can simply use your own.

You can easily access the Group Clearings by going to the Clearing & Activation tab above or simply click here.

Thank you for co-creating together! Let me know how doing this makes you feel and if you notice any difference around cell phones and wireless objects.

Sending you Love, Peace & Oneness,