Masterpiece Life

Your Daily Power Multi-Vitamin

There is nothing more empowering and life giving than a personal positive
affirmation. This is why all our Masterpiece Life emails always start by
addressing you as who you really are – just in case you forgot that day. šŸ™‚

Have you noticed how our emails always start off by greeting you with
“Amazing”, “Awesome”, “Powerful”, “Gorgeous”, “Wonderful”, “Incredible”,
“Spectacular”, “Brilliant”, “Creative”, etc. Well, it’s true. That’s who you really are.

You are all those things and more. You just sometimes forgetĀ  and
we are here to remind you.

Have you noticed how often you receiveĀ  a compliment or praise?
If you are like most people then that would not be very often.
A recent study IĀ  heard stated that children receive 99 negative
comments for every 1 positive. Wow! Considering how we tend to be
even more critical of ourselves than others, that would then most likely
mean that for every 189 negative self comments we allow
ourselves 1 positive comment.

Negative self talk is probably the worst thing you can do
to yourself. How about letting in some positive comments?

For some of you being addressed as “Amazing”, “Awesome”, is very
difficult to receive. You probably don’t believe it and it may even
bring up feelings of discomfort. Take a deep breath and, let it in.
You’ll get used to it, trust me.

Some of you say “Finally, someone sees me for who I really am!”
and you love it!

Some of you have no idea of what I’m talking about because you’re
not on our Masterpiece Life community mailing list. Well, that’s easily
solved. All you need to do is go to the upper right hand side of this
site and enter you name and email address. Then, you’ll be receiving
your Power Multi-Vitamin too!