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From Victimization and Survival to Oneness Empowerment!

Amazing Source Essence That You Are!

Franco DeNicola and I just managed to squeeze in one more clearing before he leaves for Europe for one month.

Connecting in to what is happening all over the world right now, we feel that what will best assist all of us is moving from a victimized and survival state to one of Empowered Oneness.

As more and more transparency comes out about money, government, what is being done to our food, water, air and so much more, many are beginning to wake up and feel like they are victims and are trapped in survival.  We must remember that at the soul level we have all agreed upon this.  The 3D world is dissolving as we agreed it would.  Our job is to stay centered in Love, Oneness and Neutrality.

Remember YOU ARE the VALUE – nothing happens unless you put your energy/work/time into it. What way of BEing do you choose to create?  What do you now choose to DO? It doesn’t have to be the same old things that you have always done in the past.  Take small steps and start transforming your life into what supports Oneness.


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Title:From Victimization & Survival to Oneness Empowerment
Thursday, September 19th at 9:00pm -11:00pm Eastern

Part 1 is a Q&A session with a talk on survival followed by a process to have you really look at victimization in your life
Part 2 is the Clearing


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Chi Gong Master James Foo and myself
Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 7:00pm

Recent Changes in Chi (Energy) and How They Affect You!

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