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What’s Up with the Strange Noises All Over the World?

Recently we were sent a video and question
about strange loud noises that people are
hearing all over the world and especially in
British Columbia, Canada.

Click Here to view the video.

All over the world people are reporting
strange noises coming from the skies.
We were asked if these strange noises
HAARP, natural phenomena, ETs, or the
frequency of the earth rising.

I felt that for sure that they were not ET and had something to do with the earth.

Thought I’d check in with Franco DeNicola before I answered and here
is his reply:

Regarding the strange sounds in the sky, it is part of the changes taking place on
the planet at this time.  The sounds are made up of sounds coming from space,
the stronger influx of energy streamed from all the alignments taking place including
the frequency from our own sun, combined with all the different energies from HAARP,
to satellites and the also sound emitting from the center of the earth and from the
planet itself.
The sounds are reflected by the ionosphere and directing it back to the planet.
There are certain areas around the world that the sounds are much more powerful and
can sound scary at times, BC is one of them.
There’s much taking place at this time and the sounds are part of it, in a way it is part of an activation.

Sending you Love, Light, Peace & Oneness  🙂 <3