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Flowing with the New Frequencies of 2013 with Franco DeNicola & Antonia Hagens – Transcript

Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

Online webcast , July 24, 2013

With Franco DeNicola and Antonia Hagens

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This call is to having Q & A about the new frequencies that are happening for 2013.  As I’m sure you are aware, there are a lot of changes happening right now.  And I know that people have commented how they are feeling with the changes in frequency: some are talking about buzzing in the ears or just this feeling that something is really different.  So that’s what this call is about.

Yes.  People have been feeling that there’s been a lot going on, and now is a good time for us to re-connect and get a feel for what’s going on.  Because sometimes it can get a little…I don’t want to use the word “lonely”…but in a sense you feel like you’re on your own doing this.  And, yes, in a way you are independently doing it…but we are also doing it collectively.  So this is a great opportunity tonight to play and create some more grounding so that you can flow with all these beautiful frequencies coming through that are all beautifully orchestrated…together…to create this beautiful shift that we’ve been looking forward to…and all signed up to be here for.

The human aspect of this whole journey is also part and parcel of everything that’s changing, and sometimes it’s great to connect with each other and experience each other in the physical form…it’s not just the spiritual part, because this is all connected.

Because this is another thing that’s coming in now with all this Activation stuff…all the Oneness aspect.

Yes.  People the world over are feeling that pull to community.  There’s a great documentary on how Cuba managed the ‘peak oil’ crisis.  They had to completely change their society and pull together.  Cuba had been a very petroleum-dependent society when the Soviet Union was backing them.  And then, of course, the U.S. imposed embargoes not only on Cuba but any country what would trade with Cuba, so then Cuba lost everything almost overnight…everything was cut off and there was even no electrical power.  The average Cuban lost about 20 lb. and people became malnourished.  And what happened is, and what I see happening the world over…even in the on-line communities…is that people came together and money didn’t matter.  It was, “How to we work together?”  And everyone, even highly educated people like doctors and lawyers, became farmers.  Because what became important was not the stuff that we thought mattered in society.  What became important was how do we live together and assist each other.  And they all went back to basics and learned how to farm…how to farm organically.  They had huge, huge obstacles, but the prevailing message in the film was what made them strong was that they came together as a community.  “We became more human.”  Everybody pitched in.  Everybody helped.  No one was hoarding.

And I think that with the energies of 2013 that are coming in, that’s what it’s enabling in humanity:  this global pulling together and pooling of resources and knowledge.  We all have gifts.

It’s like with Franco and I and sometimes people ask “Why do you do it?”  It’s not that Franco and I or anyone else doing any program is “better.”  It’s that we all have a drive, a tool, and this is ours.  So we share it.

And I think that’s what people will feel more and more inside is this irresistible pull to want to speak truth.  The media…and the “not-media,” (laughs) whichever way you want to look at it…is doing a beautiful job of showing how absurd things are.  And people are starting to ask questions.  And the more changes that are coming through, which are perfect, it’s to draw us back to being human and experiencing our humanity together…celebrating what is beautiful about being human…celebrating that capacity to come together and share.

And I think that’s what we’re seeing the world over:  whether it’s an on-line global community…  I think everyone on this call knows that the illusion of success and the so-called American dream is all totally made up to keep you searching and looking and never happy.  People have drilled holes through that one.  We’ve drilled holes, we’ve drilled holes through government and the legal system…everything is becoming more transparent…and there’s more on the way.

And Gaia is assisting with ……………  changes.  We are living in incredible times!


Yes.  The main pull for the whole thing is Oneness consciousness and it’s bringing people back together.

You see, the isolation that we’ve experienced is part of the separation…was part of the illusionary separation that we created so powerfully and dynamically so that we can feel ourselves completely isolated, completely through the survival/struggle mode and everything else.

Now, it is all about coming back together.  Coming together as One unit, in a supportive community and so forth.

Like you were saying earlier, when someone goes through, say, a modality of experience where they are turning around and wanting to create success…self-creation of their own experience, for example…they want to achieve money, they want to have stuff or just create something for themselves…and even if it includes their family, the main priority has been about self.       Because even when the family dynamics is involved, it’s still about self.  That’s how it was operating before.

But what happens is, it didn’t matter how much you created, how much you achieved, how much you amassed in one way or another…even when it came to fame, when it came to some form of recognition of some sort, it always felt hollow.  It always felt empty.  It may have felt glorifying for a short period of time but that was the evil eye.  But after that, it didn’t matter.  Each event felt hollow.

But now, what happens is, when we are coming together as a community, when we are sharing, when we are working together to create a sustainable system where we now encompass each other…it doesn’t matter what we create or how we come together to do it…it feels huge, it feels wholistic…which is something that most people have not experienced for most of their lives…period…feeling that wholistic…

And like you were saying about Cuba, when they were coming together and were working together, it brought people together, it brought creativity together, it felt at the end of each day that, “We did something!.”  But it wasn’t just, ‘I did something for me,” or, “for me and my family.”  It was, “I did something for the whole community, and everyone can benefit.”  That is so powerful in comparison to anything we’ve experienced before.

And this is why this Oneness consciousness, this coming together as one community, is so powerful.  And this is the transformational aspect of it.

Because if you look at all of our structures, everything that is in place right now that is starting to shift, fall apart, starting to be questioned left, right and center…it’s all about isolation, it’s all about self, it’s all about creating separation and struggle, survival and so forth is the prominent driving force.  And it’s always about the fear of never keeping up…or whatever.

For example, as you were saying about Cuba when their oil was cut off, they could have gone into fear and survival mode and, at first that may have occurred to some degree, but that’s when the recognition came in to come together.

So this whole component of structures now that still keep the separation and are still holding that in place, that’s where it’s starting to fall apart.  And the falling apart is really just a new form of systems and so forth that is encompassing everyone as a whole.  It’s no longer about having separation of countries, separation of religion, separation of cultures, separation of the different hierarchies that were made up, or having separation between male and female, and all the other components…monetary and otherwise.  All those separations that were held in place are all dissolving now.  And there is no longer…and this is part of the whole change…there is no longer, “You” and “Me”…it’s “Us.”  Because you could go about it…

And this goes back to what I just finished saying about how it feels more wholistic and we’re feeling more complete, more whole, when we are working as a community.

Because look at it this way:  we are still doing it for self.  But the self is all other aspects of self…or a larger aspect of self.

Because each one of us is like a cell in a body.  Each one of us is here to do a particular experience, past journey and with the objective of achieving a higher consciousness and so forth.  But that’s one cell.

When we are coming together…now you’re bringing the other cells together…the other aspects of yourself.  Because the physicality is made up of billions and billions of cells.  So let’s bring then all together now.  And you create one wholistic movement, dance, growth.  And it’s no longer isolated by one individualized experience…even though we’re all connected collectively…but when we’re isolated we’re having one individualized experience…so it limits the capability of utilizing not only the physicality but also all the beautiful opportunities to learn.

But when we’re coming together as a community, we’re enhancing each other.  So that now, we’re bringing in multitudes and multitudes of streams of experience, of growth, and so forth.  So we’re not isolated any longer;  we’re now encompassing all of it.  So it’s a very much more powerful, powerful experience and state of being through this journey.  So this is one of the key, key factors when it comes to the whole idea of community.

And as much as people say,  “Well, we’re going back to the old ways when we used to come together.”  In a way it is a sampling of that…but it’s much grander than that.  Because even then, when we were in community, there was still some form of isolation.  We worked together and we supported each other but there was always that bit of separation.  But now, this time around, it’s a more wholistic community because once upon a time, even though we were working together, we still saw ourselves as separate and still saw ourselves isolated from one another.  We were just working together.

But now, this working together is also breaking down the isolation.  You’re not going to say, ‘You’re you and I’m me,” and so forth.  Now it’s, “We’re us.  We’re all of it.  We all aspects of each other.”  So we see the beauty.  And all the judgment and other stuff will dissolve too.  Because it can’t continue because we’re all playing together and we’re all having different experiences.

So it is different, but it’s just a sampling of going “back” to community…but it’s much grander.

And it’s not a community of dependency on one another.  It’s about a sharing, an expressing and an experiencing of each others’ gifts…like you were saying…and all the gifts come together to create a beautiful environment that enhances everyone…at the same time.

So anything that we’re doing now…that’s why all the institutions and control systems that have created isolation…it’s about whatever is created from this point on is for the whole.  It is no longer about anybody striving or specialized people, or anything of that nature.  It’s about the whole.

Anything we do is for the highest good of every single soul on the planet.  So that means that we are using creativity, experience, the gifts that we have to enhance the whole playground, the whole schoolyard and the whole opportunity of us being in a physical form of a human.  It enhances all of that.

And one of the main enhancements is freedom.  Not only freedom of expression and play, but freedom from any restrictions that we created while we were playing this separation game…while we were in fear, while we were in struggle, while we were in survival, while we were in competition…all of that.  Those limitations:  gone.  Completely!  So that changes, too, as we are going through all of this.

So those are some of the things that are playing out.

And talking about tonight’s subject about how to “flow” with the new frequencies that are coming in for 2013…and we are in it already and we are just getting the main pulses of it. But  as it goes along, it’s going to feel uncomfortable at times because of reactions and responses that we have within ourselves…especially as things are changing.  We are not accustomed so much to change because we are programmed to set, plan and stay within the same structures that we have created…similarity.  We want things to stay the same…but improve at the same time!  So it’s kind of interesting how we do that.  We want it to improve but we want it to be the same thing.  Because sameness has created a form of security for us.

So, in a way, as we are going through these major changes at this time, the “same” is really not staying.  And anything that we’ve created, any type of security, any form of us saying, “Well, this is my foundation and as long as this is there, I can still function through it”…those parts are being challenged, those parts are being released.  They are being released because they no longer serve humanity…period.

And sometimes people talk about, “Well, we need to find a new level of security.”  But the security is within ourselves. But that’s another stage.   But, really, what’s truly happening is to get rid of security altogether…having no requirements for security, no reference points for security, and not even requiring anything to be the same.

Because it goes right back to “flow.”  If you are in a state of security, you flow.

If you’ve got water flowing down a river, the water’s not concerned with, “Oh, I have to stay at this angle,” or, “I have to say in this direction and I can’t deviate because of the rocks and other things that are there.”  It basically just flows.  And it flows around and about with all the different movements, all the different obstacles (if you want to call them that) and all the different directional aspects of it.  And it just flows.  And that’s what we are choosing to do now.

For us to experience the ease of things, it is to flow.  And that’s what we’re going to be playing with:  flowing with all the different frequencies, flowing with all the changes that are coming in, flowing with all the different things that are coming up within ourselves as we are going through this process of purging and clearing…but allowing things to come through and not getting hung up on it…just to flow with it.

And if things change in our lives that we’ve held onto before, we’re going to deal with the ”letting go” aspect of it and to just flow with it.  And realize that whatever is unfolding moment by moment is our own highest creation coming from the highest aspect of Self, the highest aspect of Who You Truly Are.  It is not a creation that’s outside of us.  It is not a creation that’s something that you need to ask permission from, beg from, pray to in order to make life easier for you.  No.  You are creating it moment by moment.

And you don’t make a “mistake” in any creation.  Because no matter what it looks like to the ego mind or to any other perception we’ve attached to it…it doesn’t matter how it looks…there’s absolute perfection in it.  And the absolute perfection is there to assist us to become a grander aspect of self.  So if it does push your buttons or if it does make you feel as if you are losing control and that things are falling apart, then that is absolutely necessary for you.  And that’s why it’s there:  to allow more adjustments, more freedom, more expansion of self to occur.  And that’s the only reason it’s there.

So we’re creating all of that and we just allow that to flow.  So whatever’s coming along, “Oh, OK, great.  Another change.  Another shifting in myself.”

And knowing….always knowing that the shifting that’s going to occur is to create a higher aspect of yourself.  And nothing more.

Now, there are going to be situations that occur that may create discomfort, may create hardship of some sort.  But again, that hardship and discomfort is also absolute perfection:  to show the attachments, to show some progress, to show some things that are still limiting you.  Because the moment that you have cleared a lot of that, guess what?  The hardships will not be there.  Because when you are in flow, there’s no hardship.

You see, if you have something that is rigid that is flowing down the stream, when it hits the rocks, when it comes to a bend, when it runs into other natural obstacles whatever they may be, because of its rigidity it will smash against the different barriers or whatever may be there.  And each time, it take a little chip away from it.

So if you were floating down, and you were flowing with the current 100% and you were crashing into rocks and so forth, there will be discomfort, there will be pain.  But as you turn yourself into a fluid state, a flow state, then you just navigate and there’s no rigidity.  And so there is no obstacle that can harm you or anything of that nature.  Because any obstacle that might look like an obstacle that comes up to you is just another adjustment.  And you just flow with the adjustment.  You make adjustments…you re-direct.

And it’s all greatly designed for your own highest good.

So that’s the whole concept of the flowing.

And the new frequencies that are coming through, we’ve co-created it.  We’ve allowed this to take form.  And we are channeling this energy in from our beautiful universe, from our galaxy and from all our beautiful brother/sister souls on other planets.  We are doing this all together.

And this is just an upgrade.  We are upgrading the planet: every life form on the planet, every energy aspect of the planet itself…including ourselves.  And that’s what we’re doing:  we’re upgrading ourselves.

And all of this is coming through, right now, to assist us.

And, of course, with upgrades, it requires letting go of what no longer serves both on a personal level and also on the outside world…or what we project in the outside world as the playground and schoolyard.  And that means, yes, a lot of the stuff that we’ve played with, a lot of the institutions, the corporations, the systems that we have in place…the ideas, the concepts, the belief systems, the stories, the rules, and everything else that we’ve made that have governed us or given us a certain level of experience…now is being completely challenged.  And all of it is being looked at and is being adjusted, let go of or completely let go in the sense of not having any form of it.

And anything that is being replaced is being replaced in a very fluid state.

And that’s the topic tonight:  flowing with the frequencies.

In the past, up to this point in time, everything that we created was rigid.  We created a system and we stuck to the system.  Look at all the different systems that are out there: from monetary to education to medical to religion…all of it.  It’s all rigid.  You can’t question it.  It has never evolved.  It has been rigid.  It has been solid.  The way it was put together, at one point or another, has created rigidity.  It has not flowed and it has not supported us in the way we are choosing to experience now.

So whatever we put in place will be fluid.  And will also mold in a way that will support whatever is unfolding as we create new experiences, new ways to experience the self in the human form, as humans, and in the representation of ourselves as the planet, and being part of it all.  So the systems that will go down as we go along…as we change and modify…all of it will be fluid.

And eventually what happens as we go along, the systems will not be required.  We will not need laws, we will not need all these policing systems, we will not need structures to govern us and limit and control…because accountability for the whole will become a natural state.

So that we see ourselves as beautiful playmates with one another.  And we will choose to play, support, share and everyone will allow each other to be themselves. No one will play the role we played before by (inaudible) one another.  Which was just a role that we used as part of an experience and based on our perception.  But none of that will occur.

So that whatever you choose to experience within yourself is what you will share and experience with one another.  Because you’ll see others, including the animal kingdom and everything else, as another part of you…another essence of you.  So you’re going to play in that form.  And that’s very different from what we’ve played up to this point in time.

So the frequencies of 2013 have been intense, but it has all been in a way to support us so that these transformations continue.  And all the adjustments within the playground will continue to change.  And it will all support a new state of being.

And 2014 is a big push for stabilizing the 4th Dimensional consciousness.  And it is also in preparation to allow all the systems, controls, and everything that we had in place that we had created with a 3rd Dimensional consciousness and in a state of separation, to modify, adjust and to be eliminated as we go through it.

And also for the humans that are on the planet, the frequencies are also assisting us to shift into 4th Dimensional consciousness…for our self…totally.  Because even though the planet has shifted into a phase of 4th Dimensional consciousness as at December 21, 2012, we’ve had various other activations and we have one other activation on August 8,2013, that will be the final activation for 4th Dimensional consciousness.  But there’s still the full integration after that next pulse, that next activation will be completely…so that means that the planet itself will not be fully grounded into 4th Dimensional consciousness until about January 2014.  So there’s going to be much more going through.

And like we had talked about earlier, Antonia, we had a pulse come in on July 22, 2013, but we have a bigger one…which is a beautiful alignment of planets, which is something that is not your common occurrence, that’s for sure…coming on July 29, 2013.  That will be another energetic portal that will allow us to take huge steps on a personal basis and also on a planetary basis, and also every life form on the planet itself…but it also affects our solar system and it affects a lot of our brother/sister planets within our quadrant of the galaxy.  So it’s a very powerful preparation and activation prior to the next encodement for the 4th Dimensional consciousness.   And there’s this huge encodement that occurs.  It’s like all the planets are aligned and each one is pulsating at a certain frequency creating like a really active code to bring us to the next level.  And it is a very powerful one.  This one is not just isolated for us:  it basically encompasses a good chunk of all the other planets, including our self.  And this is another…what can I call it?…another stage of preparing ourselves to even go further.

Yes.  As Franco was saying, on July 29, 2013, there is a planetary alignment:  not only for Earth but for all of our brother/sister planets in our galaxy.  It is an incredible date.  And we really are living in incredible times.  And I highly recommend that everybody all over the world…and on any day, really…but on the 29th there are alignments  of energies and frequencies that are like the opening of a new portal.  Spend some time, whenever you can, on the 29th meditating love…sending love not only to yourself but to all of humanity.

I know that some people spend a lot of time researching stuff about what’s happening in the world and you do kind of get pulled down when you find out what’s been happening:  all the fraud and corruption in the governmental systems, all the fraud and corruption in the medical system, all the fraud and corruption in the agriculture, and so on.  All these things are now coming to light, they are being shaken up.  It’s like you pour water into a glass with dirt in the bottom, and mud gets stirred up.  And that’s what we’re doing is stirring up the mud.  And I just say, “Hurray!  Here it is!”

It’s important to stay focused on sending love.  Do what you do.  Be yourself.  Do whatever you do with love.

People are now coming together more and more into communities and uniting to do together and by doing so will effect change more and more.

So, Franco, why don’t we talk a little bit about how coming together all over the world and focusing on sending love to the military complex…which our community has been doing over the last couple of weeks or so…please explain how that has allowed things to shift and change.

Interestingly enough, as you were saying, I’ve had some people ask, “Well, why are we sending love to the military when they are the ones who are killing and torturing people and doing all the things they are doing?  Shouldn’t we be chastising them or something of that nature?”  Well, no.  The most powerful transforming energy is love.

They are just playing a role…like anyone else…they are playing a role…we are all playing a role.  Now we are all at a point where we are done with the role but we are not able to all see that we can surrender this role completely.

The fact is, even though they are getting instructions from a so-called hierarchy or some level of authority of some sort…which is not real anyway…they are doing what they’re told.  However, by sending love, they get a higher awakening and realization within themselves where they start to question, not only what they’re doing, but the information that they’re getting so the so-called hierarchy, starts to not resonate with them.  And when I say “resonate,“ I mean it’s almost like,  “I don’t get this.  I don’t really feel this.”

It also starts to open their eyes because they also start to see “lack of love” within themselves being expressed with whomever they’re playing.

So by sending love, especially if it’s very unconditional…

The thing is, have you ever tried to be very angry and hate someone and the other person emanates only love?  It basically breaks down the energy of anger, hatred, judgment or anything else that’s directed towards you…by just being in a state of love.  And see the perfection of that beautiful soul that is expressing itself in a physical form through a program (like a computer).  So by holding love, what happens?  It starts to shift.

Because, really, everyone wants the same thing:  Every single soul wants peace.  Every single soul wants to express and receive love.  But it’s just expressing itself through yourself…because anytime that you are receiving love from someone else, it’s just another expression of yourself coming from a slightly different frequency.  So you’re just experiencing yourself.

The greatest tool is to play with love.  As you share love, you have more.  As you share more, more of different aspects of love come back to you.  It’s like a dance.  It’s like a beautiful energetic field that you can play with.

So by directing this love to the military, to the police…to anyone who’s playing an authoritative role…it is breaking down that rigid energy that has been fearful or driven or even programmed within them to play that role.  So they start to question how they look at things.

Because look at it.  Even if you had the biggest dictator around instructing the army and instructing the police to, “Take your people and torture people and do this or do that,” or whatever it may be.  It doesn’t matter how powerful the tyrant or dictator may be…first of all, it all serves…but it doesn’t matter how it’s being directed…what happens is that you require all the participants to take part.  If one soul turns around and says, “I want to go and destroy every single person in this community,” (or this group or this country, or whatever it may be), it still requires the players to go out there and do it.  The instructions may come from a source, but the dictator can dictate all he wants, but if the people (like the military or the police) are in a state of a higher consciousness through that love that’s being sent to them, they will see how inappropriate it do to that now.  Instead they will see that, “What I am doing here is I am doing the opposite of love, the opposite of peace, and I am now minimizing an expression of an experience of another aspect of myself.  And as I do that, I am ultimately affecting my individualized experience.”

Look at all the people who have been through the military or playing a role in the military and so forth…and even the police…many of them, once they get out, go through some very powerful experiences.  And it is a very…humbling in a way…but in a way it creates discomfort within themselves because they start to see the role that they played and how it felt out of place.  So a lot of the ones who have gone out and killed people and so forth, they come back and have a very challenging time to accept the role that they played.  Now, that again is part of the program why they feel that way.  But, at the same time, you can see that there is something grander, bigger inside of them that can see that that role, as much as it served at that point in time, really doesn’t need to play out.  And that we don’t require that any longer.  And to look at it and say, “OK.  This is the role I chose to play, but I choose to not play it any longer and I no longer support this.”

So through the love that is sent, we actually reduce the negative energy that is utilized and imposed to create that polarity in the different parts of the world where there are events taking place.

Someone just sent me an e-mail about a recent news story which illustrates what we are talking about very clearly.  The story goes as follows:

In one of the largest cities in the Philippines recently, there has been a lot of rioting.  Protestors furious over the amount of homelessness, unemployment and poverty have been violently clashing with police.  As one of the police officers aggressively held the line, protestors asked him why he was fighting them.  And behind his shield the officer replied, “I am a policeman.  I am just doing my job.” 

But then to the shock of the protestors, the officer broke into tears, repeating, “I am a policeman.  I’m just doing my job.”  The protestors went silent as the officer lowered his shield. 

One of the protestors placed his hand on the officer’s shoulder, telling him that everything would be alright.  A woman comforted him as she offered a handkerchief to wipe his tears.  The compassionate crowd remained huddled around the officer until his superiors took him away.


I think that’s just confirmation on, as we said…we forget when we say military and when we say police, that we are all One.

 And this is what 2013 and 4-D and going into 5-D…this is really what it is: we are all One.  There is no more, the police or the banker or the doctor, or this person versus that person.  We are all One.  And the more we recognize the Oneness within each other, the more the humanity, the more we express our human beingness…and we reach out and work with each other.  And that’s the transition that we’re living through right now.

Yes, and someone shared something with me as well.  Somebody had challenged some police who were creating some difficult times for people in a group that got together in a park, and they came in and it was the same thing.  It was similar to that where the police were giving them a hard time and telling them that they had to leave and so forth.  And when they asked why they were doing that, they replied that they were just there doing their job.  And one of the people in the park who was being harassed said, “Well, what is your job?  Isn’t your job to serve and protect the people?”  And the police officer stopped and basically reflected on that.  And then he stuck out his hand and shook the person’s hand and said, “I’m sorry.”  Because he came to the realization that his job was to protect and serve…the people.  But who was he protecting and serving?  At that point in time it was not the people.  And this was the realization:  to protect and to serve…it’s to protect and serve the whole.

But it comes to the point where we are all protecting and serving each other.  And, really, there is no protection required.  So a lot of that will change as we go along.

So this is the realization:  that by sending love this is what we are creating,

Because this transformation is not about power over power.  It’s about love dissolving all illusionary power, control, greed…and anything else that’s part of the 3-D world, part of the 3-D separated world…the polarity world.  So that’s how it serves.

Because I know that I’ve had a few e-mails from people which suggested, “No.  We’ve got to go out there and we’ve got to fight!   What’s this crap about sending love?!  (What’s this ‘crap’?!)  You’re not living in the real world!  We’ve got to go out there and fight.  We need to stand up for our rights!”

When you mentioned “stand up for our rights”…let’s clarify that.  There’s standing in your “rights”…knowing Who You Really Are, knowing that you are Source embodied in a physical vehicle.  You are All That Is.  That’s Who You Are.  You are All that can possibly exist, All that ever has existed and All that ever will exist.  That’s Who You Are in a body.

So your “right” is that there is nobody, nothing, anything that can have authority over you.  Period.  That’s Who You Are.  You are Source.  You are Love.

So that’s knowing Who You Are.  And that’s what standing up for your rights is all about.

See all the movements in the world that is taking place.  For example, in Brazil.  Standing in love and saying, “No!”  And you do not choose to agree to corruption.

But the difference is in standing in Love and knowing Who You Are versus fighting or being anti- this or anti- that.

And I think that’s especially what’s happening in 2013:  that people are coming together and realizing, “Oh, we can stand together for what we believe as human beings we can do together.  And we are going to see more of that in 2013 and into 2014.

But I just wanted to separate that.  It’s not about fighting.  It’s about standing in Love and this solid knowingness of Who We Really Are, of What We Are and what we are doing.  And that now it’s time to be unified as One.  I just wanted to clarify that.

Exactly.  Because it’s not even the right…it’s a knowing.  It’s knowing that you are part of Source, as is every other soul on the planet.  And we are all here to play together…as One.

So it’s a matter of reminding ourselves and others that we are here together…that we are here to play together.  We are all free to express, to experience and to play…freely.

Like you were saying, there is no authority that governs anyone else.  That’s an illusion that was created at one point in time.  And now we’re coming to the realization that there is no authority.  We are all equal.  We are all exactly the same…we’re just having different experiences.  And we are together, at this point in time, bringing that alignment into place.  Even though the other alignment has served, this new alignment that’s coming in is that we are all equal…we are all One.  We are all here playing and to experience ourselves…differently and collectively, at the same time.

So, like you said, when we are standing for our rights, it’s basically standing for your truth.  Your truth…your knowing…that we are all One.  We all have freedom.  We are all here to play together.  There is no controlling of one another.  As much as we’ve played that role, we are no longer in that state.  We are here to support one another through this dance and this play.

So whenever we’re having demonstrations, it’s really coming in and saying, “We are free.  We are One.  We are here to support each other.  We are here to play together.  We have full access to anything and everything that’s on the planet.

You see, this brings in all these other aspects of where we feel we have to earn things.  We come here empty handed and we have to earn our way through.  That was the illusionary polarity aspect that we created.  In actual fact, you come here with full access to everything.  You come here with your own special gifts.  You come here with your own special way of learning and growing from it.  But you come here to a fully-equipped playground that is available fully and completely to each and every single soul.

There is no possible way for anyone to earn anything.  Because, again, that is a separational aspect of it.  We are all Source.  So everything’s that’s around us is an aspect of ourselves that we’ve created to facilitate our journey, our experience to play here.  So all of it is available to us.

So the whole idea of ownership, control and all these structures that we’ve put in place doesn’t really exist.  And that’s the part that we are now bringing clarity to the old systems…to the people who are still holding onto the old systems.

So when you are standing in what you could call your “rights,” you are expressing the truth.  You are expressing what truly is.  And you are expressing that knowing that, “Yes.  We are not here to be governed, dictated and told what to do.  We are all here working together, expressing with one another and playing together…with full accessibility to anything and everything,  And we are free.”

Yes.  And I would like to add another point.  Sometimes there are comments from people saying, “Well that would be mad chaos.”  And the answer to that is, “No.”  And the reason is that we have completed that agreement and, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”  You ain’t seen what we can create together.  You ain’t seen the beauty of what we will pull together and will create without relying on things that deplete and strip the Earth.  It’s beautiful.  It really, really is!

And another question that came in was, “Well, is it OK to send love because aren’t you changing them?”  Well, the thing is, you are sending Love because you’re sending Love.  When we asked that people send Love to the military, it was just to send Love and let it go where it goes.  So you just send Love.  And you let whatever is going to take place to take place.  Because it’s all happening in beautiful, perfect timing…just as it’s supposed to.  And the more we all just walk our journey and let go of our stuff, sending Love and doing what it is that you feel pulled to do and being who it is for you to be, then you go… and have no fear. (laughs)  Have no fear.

Yes, the Love energy really just creates an opening for someone.  It’s not with the intention that, ‘I need to change the person.”  All you’re doing is sending love in that direction so that they can actually experience, Love, Light and to give them an opportunity to see something beyond what they may currently be seeing.  But, ultimately, it’s up to them what they see and how they experience it.  So if we have the intention that, “I’m going to send Love to change them,” then we are putting in our expectations.  We are putting our energy in there that has an outcome towards us.

We never know what each person needs to experience at this point in time because they have their own path that they need to complete.  So we send them Love basically just to open a door for them to see something outside of fear.  Outside of what they’ve seen as limited.  And from there, they can navigate much more clearly.  But the change is up to them.  It’s not for ourselves to assume anything.  So by sending Love to the military or by sending Love to anyone in our family or anyone that we know or anything of that nature, we are just helping them to accentuate, we are just helping them to open up their True Essence to come through a little bit more.  That’s all we’re doing.  But we just allow it to take whatever form…with never any expectations whatsoever

OK.  We had another question from a listener, as follows:

            “I know of very highly vibrational teachers and masters having to be hospitalized with serious health conditions.  Any thoughts on this?

            “Personally, I’ve been feeling strangely tearful, but I’m not sad.  And I’m squeezing out all the self-negative talk and going on.”


And I know others have also been expressing that they’ve been feeling tired, a bit of fearfulness.  So it’s kind of like squeezing out that stuff.  And the listener continues:

            “I ran into Rev. Michael Beckwith on the day of the full moon at a local restaurant and he said that we are experiencing the dying out of one society and birthing into a new one.  I know this to be true through (inaudible) dimensions.  I appreciate the divine moment of running into a spiritual leader as I was moments away from an emotional eruption.”


A point which Franco and I come back to very often is…just a couple of things.  Yes, there is a squeezing out as we are experiencing a lot of emotional extremes…kind of like a pushing out and cleansing of stuff.  And that’s fine.  Let it go.  Don’t spend time over-analyzing when it comes.  Just notice that as that emotion comes up, what is the first thing you tie it to?  And then realize, “Hey, it’s ready to come up!”  And then let it go.

Anything you want to add to that, Franco?  Because I have had quite a few comments from other people about having that experience of feeling drained, tired, headaches and also extreme emotions…and this is all part of the new frequencies that are here right now in 2013.

Yes, it is.  Well, the new frequencies are stimulating those releases to occur.  So, in a way, it is squeezing out the old aspects of ourselves and bring in the new aspects of ourselves.  A re-birthing is really what’s happening, if you want to call it that.  But it’s really letting go of all the old stuff.  So even people who are highly spiritual, the highly powerful energies and waves that are coming through are actually allowing further deeper purging…things that they may not have dealt with and that they need to deal with.  Because sometimes we can get into the spiritual aspect of things and really never finish dealing with all the things that we needed to deal with.  There’s more learning in it, there’s more clearing to do.  Sometimes we get into the idea that if I’m spiritual I need to play a certain role and I can’t show weakness…not that you have to show weakness, but I can’t go down that path because I’ve done all this work on myself.

But, realistically, with the very powerful waves of energy that are coming through right now, they are pushing everything out; it’s pushing out as much as possible.  This is a very powerful year for that because there is so much preparation being done to allow us to fully ingrain the new aspects of ourselves coming through.  So it’s going to be very powerful.

There are emotional aspects coming through, there’s outbursts…you name it.  Sometimes people feeling massive anger, and so forth.  And it’s really triggering everything under the Sun to bring it out so we can express it, experience it, and go right to the source of seeing what’s there.  And that’s not always necessary.  A lot of times it’s just old emotions that are left in the program that need to be fully expressed.

Because you can go through the whole thing completely and then there might not even be any sob story to address.  If it still keeps coming up in bits and pieces, then you might want to look at the stories.  But at that point in time, if nothing comes up, not to go into an analytical state and try to find every little nook and cranny to see if something’s there.  In a way, that’s beneficial, but you have to do it gently;  you have to play with it, and then look at it and say, “Oh, OK.  Something else is showing up.

But first and foremost, yes, go through the emotional component.  And right now, there’s a lot of stuff coming through.

The thing is, too, we carry a lot of energies from the family dynamics.  We are also carrying energies from multitudes of past lives that we never got to express fully, for one reason or another, in the different roles that we’ve taken on.  We may have taken on a rigid state where we couldn’t show weakness, where we couldn’t express ourselves, or we carried the heavy energy of unfairness…or something of that nature…which we were never able to express.

But the one thing about right now and the frequencies that we are going into now, it’s clearing the soul, it’s clearing lineages, it’s clearing all the different experiences we’ve had in this lifetime and so forth that have been projected.

And the other thing about all this is that right now, it’s almost easier to clear and make adjustments in yourself than ever before…and the frequencies that are coming through right now are supporting us in doing that, and in doing a massive clean-up on all levels.

And someone having physical experiences…health-wise or otherwise…there’s something there for them too.  Because, the thing is, it wouldn’t take place (if it wasn’t going to serve).

So it’s a matter of really breaking down sometimes barriers that we may have carried because we put the banner on that said, “We’re spiritual.  We’ve ascended.  We’ve arrived.  And we’re exactly where we are and everything’s good.”  But at some point in time there is something that is still resonating at a lower frequency within ourselves that needs to be cleared…so it will come through.

And if it needs to stop us, to “humble” us…if you want to call it that, for lack of a better word…then we can actually look at it and say, “I still have stuff to do.  I still have stuff to look at.  And I don’t have to project that I am perfect now, because I am here to assist.”  You assist, but you are also doing your work too.

So right now it is the most intense time, and it is increasing…but it’s really to allow us to make all the adjustments.  And it’s going to take all types of forms.

Yes, and someone else mentioned recently about some channelers talking about,

Question:  “…Light chambers in hollow Earth and that we would be taken there for three days to upgrade us to full consciousness.  Is this possible in the future?”

The answer to that is no.  Humanity is on its own path.  Humanity will evolve on its own.  Any other beings that are here are here for assistance.  Right now they are assisting to make sure that we don’t blow up the planet.  Because before that was a projected timeline.  But it is not their responsibility to help us evolve.  It is up to us as humans to evolve.  There will be no beings coming in and doing our work.  It is up to us to come together as humanity to move forward.  Otherwise, we don’t evolve.

A very simple example is if you have a child and the child needs to learn how to read.  So you start with teaching them the alphabet, and then putting small words together, then larger words together…until the child can read a small book, and eventually read a novel.  So that’s the process the child has to go through in order to read a novel…I’m just giving you a very simple example.  You can’t say to the child, “OK, I’ll learn for you.  Now, here’s your book.”  No.  That child has to learn to do the small steps, which then turn into bigger steps, and grow bigger and bigger until they can access more.

And that’s what’s happened with humanity.  At one point we made an agreement to shut down and experience separation.  And we’ve done a great job of that.  But that agreement has ended and we are now entering a new age where we’re coming together as One.  And this is what we will have to go through as humanity.  As the current systems fall apart, we will come together in our human strength.  The Light beings, other entities, other brother/sister planets…they cannot interfere.  This is our journey.  They have been assisting in other ways on the planet.  But humanity are the ones who will go through this.

Anything you want to add to that, Franco?

Yes.  The transformation of the planet itself is occurring with us present within the transformation itself.  There were those stories, like you were saying, and also that there would be big spaceships that would come and take us off the planet or who would open up portals so that we could step through, and while we were off the planet the planet would be upgraded, and then we would be brought back.  In a sense, those were probabilities that were talked about and so forth.  But, at the same time, it wasn’t something that was for the highest good in regards to the learning aspect of it.

So the plan of what we are looking at now is that the planet is going through this transformation, everything on the planet is going through this transformation, and we are going through this transformation…together….while we are here.

Yes, there will be more changes in weather patterns and there will be more changes on the Earth-scape at this point in time.  But all the participants…humans and otherwise…that are going to be on the planet will be partaking of it wherever is best suited for their own journey at that point in time.

So we are going through the transformation together.  It’s not in isolation any longer.

It also gives us a greater “appreciation”…if you want to use that word…for the connection with Nature, to see what’s there:  how Nature goes through transformation, how we go through our transformation…and how we are One with it.  We are not separate from it; we are One with it.

So this is done as a collective right now.  So every aspect is changing together.

And like you were saying about the beings that are assisting us, they are assisting in a way where we are not going to fall back into our so-called “altered state.”  We are going through this transformation, and they are assisting in a way which will not allow us to slide back to a point where it would be difficult for us to get out of.

You have to understand…stuff like nuclear activations and so forth affects a great number of links within our beautiful unit of community.  It not only affects humanity on the planet, but it also affects the animal kingdom and everything on the planet.  And it also affects the planet and even our solar system.  As much as it is just on Earth, it affects our solar system and many, many, many other planets that are connected.  So it’s a ripple effect.  Because we are all connected as One.  So creating one powerful negative energy within one place will affect the whole.  If somebody jabbed a knife into your ribs, as much as the whole body is a lot larger than that small opening in the ribs, it will affect the whole body…not only with pain but with energy that might even take away its life force.  But will a nuclear event take the life force of the planet?  Yes.  But it won’t take the life force of the other planets, however, it will impede them.

So in our so-called state of unawareness that we’ve experienced and while we are doing that, they are just keeping an eye on us and making adjustments.  But, again, they are never taking away our experience.

What we’ve created collectively, we will un-create and transform collectively.

The pulses of increased consciousness that we’re getting is so that we upgrade ourselves: we see things differently, we express things differently, and we become more connected to Who We Truly Are so that our world reflects that.  Then everything around us starts to change.

You see, the whole difference is the world itself and everybody on the planet does not need to be “fixed.”  It is just a shift in consciousness that will change our reality, that will change the way we project and play with things. Then everything will change.

I’ve said it many times before:  a true shift in consciousness would change the whole planet…overnight!  Completely.  Every single soul will come together and start to work together and it will no longer be about survival, fear, or anything of that nature.  All they will do is work together and say, “How can we make this playground and every single soul on the planet itself to work together so that we create an environment in which we all flourish and are able to be our fullest potential to play and experience?”  In that state of consciousness there is no lack, no have’s and have-not’s, there is no restriction or limitation whatsoever, no Third World poverty…or anything of that nature.  There is nothing that we will create in one way or another that will not enhance the whole.  None of that will exist in that state of consciousness.   And that’s what we’re doing:  we’re shifting our consciousness…and then the world will shift.

And that’s why it’s key that the shift occurs in the consciousness of the planet, the animal kingdom, the oceanic kingdom and ourselves…so that we all evolve together.  We pull ourselves together and we are going to evolve together.

Our brother/sister souls are assisting us and they are together with us, but they are not taking anything away from our experience.

Like you were saying, Antonia, if you are teaching a child, the child still has to learn on its own and be able to do it on its own.        And we are here to do it on our own.  And they are not going to dis-empower anybody.

Another question was as follows:

            “I’m concerned that as more and more disclosures are made, that there will be a public demand to execute those responsible.  Is this realistic?


Well, that’s the automatic reaction when we’re still in the judgment stage, still in the victim state, and you see them as a victimizer so, “Now we have to punish.”  And that’s the reverse polarity aspect of it.

However, as we go along, we will come to the realization that they are only playing a role.  And if there is any of that…if…then it will just play a role but you will notice that it will never be able to be played out completely.  Because this whole thing about incarcerating, judging, killing, destroying the cabal and all that stuff…that is still the same energy that they are projecting.  So, in actual fact, we would still be playing with the same thing.  And that’s what we are transforming from.

When it comes to Love, Love does not judge and compare.  It sees that that particular modality of play, rejection, dictation…whatever role that they played was there in servitude.  Now it doesn’t serve anymore so we take those people out of power.

 And in Love, you don’t punish.  You may send them through an adjustment process so that they can be integrated back into a more wholistic…  So you could have the biggest victimizer or villain…or whatever you want to call it…in the cabal who created all this beautiful havoc and so forth of separation and suffering and whatever else that we projected as an illusion in our world…could turn out to be the biggest cooperative in the new world by just shifting within themselves.

Because, at the soul level, they are exactly the same as everyone else.  They are just operating on a software program.  So you are just talking about a physicality.  So what you’re doing is destroying a physicality.  And in some cases that may occur.  But, at that point in time, if it does occur it’s just eliminating a particular physicality.  They just can’t go through an adjustment process.  But in this case, with all that’s changing, every soul is adjusting anyway…so some degree or other.  And eventually…majorly.

So we’re not going to have situations where we’re going to have jails to punish people.  We just will have opportunities for people who need to go through an adjustment process, the opportunity to go through that adjustment.  Not punishment.  It’s about adjusting their consciousness and allowing them to self-discover themselves a little more so that they become One again.  That’s all it is.

So I wouldn’t be concerned about that.  And whatever plays out will be for the highest good, regardless…if even any of that will occur.

But, as we see the corruption, again, it’s just a matter of seeing the separational aspect of it.  Then we will come to the point where we say, “OK.  Let’s adjust this.  Let’s work together.”

And even with the cabal you could turn around and say, “Either you cooperate with us or you’re not playing here.”  And that’s it.  They might get incarcerated for a temporary period of time while the transformation goes on or something of that nature.  That’s fine.  It gives them the opportunity to experience something that they’ve projected on others for a period of time.  But that’s not going to stay intact because…regardless…as we move forward, as our consciousness continues to shift and we move into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, we’re not going to have any more jails, we’re not going to have any more punishment…none of that will exist.  Because there’s no need for it.  And we are not playing in that vibration that will project that any longer.

Now we have a question about self-trust.

            “As I strive daily to become God-inspired and live on a higher frequency, how do I know that the voices and messages that I hear are actually my guides and not my ego?

“I am so anxious for validity in order that I hear the authentic voice of my Source in order that I can live the Truth of my destiny.  I really want to experience my humanity and Love, but I also want to witness my divinity.”


Antonia:          Yes.  And I know that a lot of people, too, have a question about trusting messages or trusting that the guidance is coming from Source Essence and not from ego.  Because it’s been coming up quite a bit right now, why don’t we look at it again, Franco?

Whenever you’re asking for guidance, just go into the state of Love and just say, “OK.  With great Love, I would like to experience or to get guidance on what I should do with this.”  And so forth.  And when you go into that state and you get guidance, voices, or whatever you feel…just see how it actually feels with you…how does what you just received, feel?

Now, it’s not the reaction component of it where you react.  Someone says, “Well, you need to do this, this and this,” and you automatically react because there is the discomfort of doing something or being a certain way, or something of that nature because of the ego program.  Because you can tell it’s a program by just the way it reacts in response.  If there’s fear that comes out of it, then that’s the ego responding to that, saying, “Be careful!  You can’t do that!  You can’t trust,” or something of that nature.  So it’s a matter of when that guidance comes in if you feel the guidance.

 And to also even play it out in your mind, just to see how it is when you’re following that guidance.

You can’t really make a mistake, in a sense.  Because even if it’s an ego-driven one, you’ll notice along the way that it is ego because there is something that it’s trying to get out of it.  You’ll notice that part of it.  Then you can make the adjustment very quickly afterwards.

Even if there is a reaction for it, it’s really just showing if there are any other programs or something of that nature.

So if you’re choosing at this point…”I’m choosing to follow my highest order each and every moment,” and you allow that guidance to come through…you just open yourself…and when I say “open yourself,” it’s not to analyze it or judge it back and forth as one way or another.  When the message comes in…or that “knowing”…then you start taking the steps in that direction.  But you can feel it first.  Just feel how it feels when that energy is coming to you…when that guidance is coming to you.  And that is how you navigate through it.

The other component of it is…you know, we talk about beliefs, and trust, and knowing…and then there’s true knowing.  Those are all different levels.

The fact is we might have a belief, but a belief is something we’ve taken on because we’ve experienced it, we’ve heard it, or something of that nature…or some reflective.  The trust component is, “I need to trust myself.  I need to trust that other person,”  and so forth.  But that’s still at the ego level.

When you’re getting outside the ego is when you’re into knowing.  And in knowing, at that point in time, it is a powerful feeling within yourself.  You just know.  That’s it!

And a lot of times the knowing may take you down a road that you may judge as looking as if you screwed up or something intense happens.  But that knowing that’s there and is coming up is to bring you to a certain state to have a certain experience…because that’s what you need….that is for your highest good.  Because sometimes people may have something intense occur by following that knowing within themselves, and then they start questioning themselves…and that’s the ego questioning.  The ego says, “Well, look!  That led you down this path!  You opened your heart, you did this, and now look what happened:  you got stomped on!”  Well, the thing is, that information did originally come from the higher knowing within yourself.  However, that experience that you had was the experience you needed to pinpoint and to give you the opportunity to adjust or clear something that was still there…for your highest good.

And, at the same time, something was there and you reacted or had the critical response from the ego, it shows you, “Ah, the ego is very active within myself.”  So you can then make adjustments on those stories, and so forth.

So whatever which way it turns, it’s all perfect…regardless.  It’s just paying attention to whatever comes to you.

Normally true knowing is very peaceful when it comes to you.

But at that point in time, when you following that knowing, don’t have any judgments, don’t do any analyzing, “Am I doing this right?” or anything like that…because that’s the ego mind.  So you get the ego mind out of the way and you start taking the steps, knowing that whatever unfolds is perfect.  And if it changes because it needs to change, then change it.  That’s fine.  You’ll just take another step.  But you don’t ever really make a mistake.  You just start down that path…wherever you have been guided…and at whatever point it needs to change, you change it.

And the only reason you needed to go down that path for a temporary period of time is because that was where you needed to go.  Because as much as I might want to go on an expressway, I might have to go on some side streets to get there.  And you might turn around and say, “Well, I don’t want to go on the side streets, I want to go straight to the expressway…period!”  Well, the access to that highway is through these other streets…these other access points.  So that’s why we need to go through them.  And it all works the same way.

When we’re talking about true knowing, it is a knowing where there is no polarization, there is no right, wrong, good, bad…about anything.  It’s a true knowing that, “I am this Pure Essence.  I create each moment.  Each moment is of my own creation, through experience, to learn, to grow and to become a grander aspect of Self.”  And through that knowing, anything that you create, anything that you walk through is accentuating your Essence.  In that true knowing, there is no question.  And you get there.  And it’s a process.

So it’s going beyond the beliefs.  You have to let go of the beliefs.  Then you go into the trusting.  Trusting the higher aspect of yourself.  But then from trusting you go beyond that into knowing.  And when you start to know that you are here creating whatever it is, then you go into true knowing where now you see yourself as the True Essence That You Are…experiencing Itself fully and completely, and fully in charge of everything and anything that you create!

Thank you for that.  Now for another question:

            “I would like to know whether the physical signs that we are experiencing are as a result of the changes in frequencies.  Can you also talk about doing the activations.”


We have talked about that quite a bit in the past.  If you go to the Masterpiece Life website, there is a Free for You tab and an Activations tab…everything is there.

We have spoken about this extensively in the past.  Everyone will experience different physical symptoms.

But, really, the most prominent sign is that you just no longer live in drama.  You clearly see drama and it’s just not something that you’re in.  That’s usually a sign that you’re moving through that.

As to physical frequencies and DNA changes doing the Activations…I wouldn’t get too caught up in that.  Everyone is having different experiences.  Sometimes we hear about, “Well, a certain person did an Activation and they’re activated and I’m not.  So what does that mean?”  We’re all going to go through changes.  And by just being able to communicate with somebody and being able to understand that from one to another, being able to see nature differently, communicate with nature differently…those kinds of things will all be happening for people on different levels.

But right now, I think one of the most marked ways of seeing 4th Dimension is that we’re not drawn to drama…whether that be paying out on the TV with what they call television shows, or in the media…we’re just not drawn to drama.  You’ll just see right through it.

Do you want to add anything to that, Franco?

Yes.  You notice the shifting within yourself where you no longer respond the same way you did before.  And you’ll also start noticing that you’re becoming a different person altogether.  And you start to feel lighter.  You start to flow with things.  You start to see things very differently than you did before.  What would have upset you before or how you would have reacted before, what you would have got engaged with before, what you would have made a huge ordeal out of before…it all starts to change.  You’ll look at yourself and start saying, “Wow!  Interesting how I used to get so involved in that.”  So that’s how you’ll notice that the way you interact in your day-to-day will start to change.

Your preferences start to change where you no longer need certain things to be in your life for you to feel good, for you to feel connected, and things of that nature.  You’ll notice that as your frequency increases that your food intake and other things that you’re drawn to…including habits and whatever else…or other addictions and things of that nature…they all start to change too.  So as all of that changes, everything around you changes.  There are many, many, many signs that these transformations are occurring within yourself.

So you notice that you get lighter, you feel lighter, your ways of seeing things changes, the way you react, respond, interact will change.  Your preferences will change.  Your body will feel different in the sense where, “I don’t need to consume all this,” or “I don’t need to have this as an addition.”  All those things start to change as we change in frequency.

And each one, of course, will do it to different degrees…but there’s not one better than another.  And, like you were saying, Antonia, about the DNA and all that stuff…we’re all going through the process to different degrees and at different times.  Just know that we continue with whatever we’re doing within ourselves, making adjustments within ourselves as we’re going through…and whatever is best for each individual and the collective will unfold along the way.  If we feel guided to go do something, to activate some process, then follow it through.  If you feel guided.

But if the mind is questioning and saying, “These people are doing it.  I didn’t do it,” and all that stuff…that’s ego.  That’s the ego mind.  That’s not your True Essence.  Your True Essence will not say that.  Your True Essence will say, “OK, we need to do this now.”  It’s very clear.  It’s doesn’t say, “Well, there are other people doing it.  There are other people ahead of me.  And if I don’t do it, then I’m not going to get there!”…that’s not the Higher Aspect of you…that’s the ego.  The ego does all that comparing, the ego does all that judgment, the ego compares and saying, “Well, one is ahead of the other,” and all that stuff…that’s the ego.  And that’s still part of the program.

But the true knowing says, “OK, fine.  It’s time to do this process,” or “It’s fine to let it activate on its own.”  Very clear.  Straightforward.  No questioning.  No back and forth.  No analyzing.  None of that.  That’s another component of knowing when it’s coming from your inner guidance.  Because your inner guidance doesn’t need all the analytical stuff.

And it doesn’t create fear within yourself saying, “Oh, if I don’t do it…but maybe if I do it, I might be rejected by someone else,” or “If I do that, then I won’t be accepted because I’ll look weird,” and all that stuff.  That’s the ego mind.  The ego mind is doing all of that.

The soul says (in a very straightforward and unemotional way), “It’s time to change.  This is what we’re going to do.  So you work towards that way.  You make adjustments.  Whatever plays out on the other side doesn’t really matter.”  That’s the clarity you get in that respect.

Yes.  If you go to, you will see all the Activations and Clearings that we’ve done in the past…everything is up there for everyone to use as tools and to pass on.  If you feel drawn to using them, go ahead.  If you feel drawn to creating your own, then do so.  But this is what we were guided to create, so we created them and share them.  And if you wish to use them and pass them on, then please do so.  But if you want to create your own, then do that.

It’s really all about everybody putting in what they have to share so that we all grow together.

Yes, they’re all tools.  It’s not that, “Oh, I’ve got to do them all!”  If you feel guided towards it…you know, sometimes we might be going through something and that’s why we have a multitude of different ones there with different subjects.  So if we’re having some challenges in one area, then you use that particular tool.  It’s really just to enhance your own journey.  It’s really not replacing your own capabilities.  You’re just enhancing your own capabilities of what you need to do.  That’s it!

OK, we have time for one last question:

            “With respect to dreams, I still sometimes receive astral interference or manipulated dreams.  In one of my dreams, Franco actually told me to limit the use of technology.  We often fall asleep while listening to Masterpiece Life audio via phone.  Do you know anything about liquid gold that possibly relates to pyramid energy preventing interference?  I prefer not to take any substance to retain a higher vibration.  Are these dreams still serving?”


Antonia:          So there’s two points: first, the comment about the dreams, and second, the use of technology…in this case falling asleep while doing the Activations and using a cell phone to do that…which I do myself, by the way.

Well, we don’t want to create a reliance on that…but it does benefit from it.  The key here with utilizing technology all the time…if we create a reliance on it in the sense where I need to do it because I need to resolve whatever…at times what happens is that we get the belief or start to feel that, “If I don’t do it then I won’t be able to move forward,” or something of that nature.  It’s a tool.  And you utilize the tool if you’re guided to use the tool…without any fear or any concern, “If I don’t do it, then I’m not going to get there.”  It’s there to accentuate, to assist, and to facilitate within.  But it’s not…you don’t want to make it mandatory.  There’s going to be times when you’re not going to need it.  However, you’ll know if that’s not necessary…you’ll know very clearly.

Now, is there interference?  There’s still parts of interference because of we still have access to lower vibrations and frequencies because we’re still going through a transitional period where we’re not letting go.  So you’re going to have part of that coming into play sometimes.  But you can always tune into the experience and see what it activates within yourself and also see if that interference is of a higher guidance…because higher guidance doesn’t interfere…it brings you a level of clarity.  But if it’s an interference where it’s trying to deter you from doing something, then ask, “Does it feel right for me to do this?”  You ask yourself that question.  “Higher Self, I choose to know the absolute truth.  Does it serve?”  And whatever comes to you, fine.  And if it says, “No,” then say, “Clarify why it doesn’t.”  Or if it says, “Yes,” then say, “Clarify why it does.”  So you just create an extra assurance within yourself that it is of servitude or not.

Now dreams…no matter what…always serve.  Because of the fact that no matter what it activates within you it just shows…You see, there’s levels of dream states that we utilize.  One is the etheric level where we actually see ourselves in a physical form but we don’t have the limits of a physical form in the sense of where can actually experience it in our body while we’re in this dream state.  So we’re in the dream state, but we’re also bringing our body in.  There we do things that we can’t do or don’t have enough time to do or the capability of doing based on whatever we’re experiencing in the waking state because of limitations, restrictions and agreements with other souls…because we’ve agreed to play a specific role or we need to maintain a certain frequency or there are other frequencies interfering…then we use it at the etheric level where we can actually go beyond that and do some completion work…expansion work or whatever it is.  So whatever we can’t do in the waking state, we do in the etheric level.

The next level of dreaming is where you are now in a state where you are not bringing in the physicality.  You are basically utilizing your mind and your soul to create other levels of dreams where you can get messages, where you can learn things, or activate certain things within yourself.  And also to give you opportunities to see something where you can’t normally see in either levels that the mind is engaged because it goes a little further than that.  So it’s another level, but there again, it serves.  It also shows any other connections that you may have with other aspects of self…because we do make links with other souls, we make links with souls on other planets, and we make links with our twin soul, and so forth.  At that level you can actually meet up with all those other aspects of self to play with and to learn.

But again, it all comes back to what you’re experiencing here in this physical form.  It’s just other forms of experiences, where you can learn at a much faster pace and at a much clearer pace…without the limits…and also to create connections that you normally can’t create in an awakened state because we have certain limitations within which we are still operating.

So the dreams are beneficial.

Should you have a re-occurring dream, then you may need to look to see what message is there so that you can get that taken care of…you can learn what you need to learn and make adjustments.

And a lot of times the adjustments are reflective into what we’re experiencing in an awakened state and being in the physical form in the 3-D…going into 4-D and then 5-D…world.  In the dream state the 3-D world is kind of taken out of the equation to some degree so that you can experience yourself more.  So it’s almost like you can work in 3rd, 4th and 5th in the etheric and you can work in 4th and 5th…and even 3rd, if necessary, in the next realm.

And that realm has polarity in it too.  So you may encounter darkness, but only so that you can empower your own lightness.  It’s not there to collapse you or attack you.

And if you do come out of a dream state feeling heavy, just go through the process of bringing in light from the Sun and just see yourself illuminated.  And just release anything that you have taken back or that you have triggered within yourself in the dream state.  Not that it’s done in fear like, “If I don’t do it right, I’m not going to have a certain thing.”  No.  If you feel a heaviness, then choose the light within yourself to dissipate any darkness that you may have collected while on the journey or which you may have activated within yourself or been purged from within.

So that’s basically that aspect of the dream state.

With respect to the dependency on technology…it’s not that you need to have the dependency, but you can utilize it as a tool…when you feel guided to do so.  And everything assists.  But when you feel that it no longer serves or that you need to take a break from it, then you create a break from it instead of creating a reliance on it or a dependency, or feeling that, “If I don’t do it, then I’m not going to be able to…”

And there times when people go through difficult times and then they go back and say, “OK.  Let me just get some assistance.”  And so they will go through the programs and start utilizing the programs to help themselves through it.  They are there just to activate what’s within you to move forward.  But, ultimately, you are the one that’s doing it.

The encodements, the Activations really activate what’s already within you that’s dormant…that has been de-activated through this experience that you’ve taken on.  But you’re the activator.

But there’s also new Source Codes…but, again, I don’t want to create a reliance because you’re always exposed to new Source Codes anyway.  But the processes that we do with the meditations, we embed those new Source Codes so that you can utilize them more efficiently…mainly.

OK.  Just one very last question.  We always get questions around what to do with finances and what’s happening in the world of finance and how people should interact with their banks and what not.

I think from previous posts…I think that anyone following either me personally on Facebook or following Masterpiece Life on Facebook, you’ll know that I post a lot of stuff from the former OPPT…now I-UV…headed up by Heather and all the group there…and what they have been doing to assist in bridging over into…You know, for me, it’s the first stage of creating a money-less resistance.

So the comment on finances and what to do with finances…what I would say is that is a part of the big shift into 2013/2014.  We are shifting and will shift into a money-less society…that’s just a given.  And there will be stages of bridging along the way.  Often Franco and I have talked about creating a bridge so people could bridge over.  And Heather with the OPPT and the foreclosures on banks has done what she felt was called for.  And anyone who wants to research this in greater depth should search “OPPT” which is the One People’s Public Trust…and which is now called “I-UV” which means “I-Universal Value.”  And I do believe that what she is being guided to do is to create the bridge to assist with the transitioning.  And Heather herself states that it is a very temporary state to transition over into what will become…what we newly create.  So those of you asking about financial things, please do visit that website, read, look over, and do what feels right for you.

Anything you want to add to that, Franco?

Yes.  What Heather’s done there with the foreclosure…really, what’s happened, is that she’s used the existing system to dis-empower the system.  So, in actual fact, if you’re going through foreclosure…because, the thing is, any corporation entity of any sort that has been created really has no access to value per se.

The value is really…if you want to call it that…I don’t really even like the word, but I’ll use it for now…the “value” is within each and every soul that’s on the planet.

And what is this value?  It really is not a value…it’s an accessibility to anything and everything that’s on the planet.  It really boils down to that.

So the structures that were put into place when we were playing the really polarized experience, separation, and otherwise, they became the authority, they became the instigators, activators and so forth of what we call the monetary control structures and all that.  So what Heather has done is gone back in and basically used their own legal system, their own system itself to dis-empower the power of the thing.  Because they were basically saying, “Well, we’re the governor of the money and you have to get it from us.”

In actual fact, they have nothing, they can’t even access value until one of us goes to them, signs a piece of paper, gives an IOU or whatever…because that’s basically it.  And then they turn around and say, “Well now I’m going to give you your own money.”  So it’s like you have the money, you give it to them to give it to you, and now you have to pay it back to them…plus interest.  So what you’ve done is just basically showed that it doesn’t work that way.

But, as you were saying, it’s just a bridge.  So, in actual fact, it’s giving everyone back their value.  Giving everyone back accessibility is really what’s happening.  Because no one has the capability to restrict us from having access to this playground/schoolyard that we are playing in on planet Earth…and everything that’s on it.  So, at this point in time, what Heather’s doing is releasing the value within ourselves so that we can access money while we’re still playing with it…for a period of time until we are able to navigate to a place where we dissolve all monetary systems altogether…and also the need for exchange, or the need to earn or control who has what or doesn’t have…all of that dissolves.  It’s not about…

Because I’ve heard people turn around and say, “Well, we need to get rid of the money system and go back to bartering.  But that’s just another form of exchange…which is even more restricted than the money…although there’s less capability to allow corruption in that sense (if you want to use those words).  But, in actual fact, that’s still 3-Dimensional world because it says, “Well, I have to give you something for something,” and it’s still going back to value.  “I have to give you some form of value before I can get some form of value.”  Well, that’s still a very restricted point of view.

It’s really about eliminating all of that altogether and making everything on the planet accessible to everyone.

So that everyone is actually free to be themselves and to be able to experience themselves fully and completely without the need to have to do something in order to earn something in order to be able to have access to something.

Because you look at anyone who comes onto the planet, and the very first thing they do is they have to get programmed to go out and get a job or to earn something of some sort…which really restricts you being able to do what you love to do or what you came here to do.  Which, again, has served, but we are no longer in that state.  So it’s about eliminating that aspect of it.  So if you come on the planet and you have full access to everything, now you can be yourself.  Bring that gift that you have and share it with anyone and everyone that you chose.

That means that if you are a great masseur or you’re great at growing food, or you are great at whatever…whatever skills that you have or things that you love to do, whatever that may be…you do it without all this stuff that you have to carry around.  “I’ve got to make enough, I’ve got to sell enough, I’ve got to market enough, I have to have resources coming in so that I can keep the store open or so that I can keep my services going, so I can have food, and a roof over my head,” and things of that nature…eliminating all of that so that each and every soul does not have to go around and say, “Well, I can give it to you because you have the money, but I can’t give it to you because you don’t.”  Or, “Today my price for this is going to be this much versus that much,” or anything of that nature.  Nothing like that will occur.

Instead, as Essence, you just basically share what you want to share and everybody else does the same thing.  And you will notice that everybody will be having exactly what they need.

And at that point the motivation is to create more ease, to create more freedom, more fluidity for us to play.  So we will technically advance anything and everything that we choose to no longer experience at this point in time.

So that’s kind of what’s occurring right now…is with that structure where it’s basically just shifting the power away from the control structures, and giving the power back to us so that we can get into that free-flowing state.  This is what’s occurring.

Now the steps are being taken…but, the thing is, it’s an educational process.  Because, you have to understand, the people who are in banks, the people who are in government, the people who are in different organizations, institutions, and so forth have been programmed…like all of us to one degree or other…have been programmed to see the world a certain way.  To see whatever projected rules of the game to be all there is.  And, of course, there is always that fear of, “If I don’t do it I can get fired,” or something of that nature.  So, in actual fact, the stuff that’s going on right now is an educational process where we’re bringing up forms that Heather has put together, with the different steps that she’s put together using the system to dis-empower it…and now it’s about going in and educating the people who are holding up the rules…that were made up at one point or another…to see that, “Hey, that’s not the way it really is!”

In actual fact, as much as we like to label them as the corrupt ones and they have been taking advantage of us…as much as this was just an experience, just an opportunity…we need to say, “OK, we don’t need to play the game any longer.  In actual fact, what you’re projecting is opposite to the truth.  And the truth is this…the truth is that we all carry value.  We are all individuals who come onto the planet with complete accessibility to everything on the planet.”

And the education is for them to realize that they are part of it too.  Whatever they uphold affects them also.  So whatever rule, whatever structure that they support affects them.  They are not free from it.  If we create an environment of restriction for someone else or for a group of people, we are part of that group…we’re in in too.  So it is for their best interests too.

Take, for example, someone who is working in a bank.  They are going there every day to make a living.  They are still going there and doing something…and most of them don’t like what they’re doing anyway.  They are there because that’s all they know they can do and they feel they have to go do this to make a living.  And all of a sudden you’re showing them that that’s not the case and that’s not the way it needs to be.  In actual fact, this is the truth that you actually create value.  And there’s nothing that you need to earn for your existence on the planet…and when you have accessibility to everything, it will change everything.  So, in actual fact, by them realizing that and saying, “Yes, I want part of that too!  So let’s work together.”  So they bring it into the different levels.

Because, you have to understand, the highest level of the banking system, the institutions, corporations and so forth already know that this is so.  It’s not that they have to learn.  They are basically still holding everything status quo as long as they can hold it that way.  But it’s the levels below that are unaware.  So what you are doing is teaching…

But guess what the level below…they actually outnumber those in the higher levels (or the projected higher levels).  So you may have a bank President, for instance, and they may be dictating whatever it is.  But the bank President has no power in stating anything unless they exude some control or authority or demand to all the people below them…whether it’s the Managers, going down to the Assistant Managers, to all the tellers, to all the administrative people and all the other positions.  But it’s all the positions below that are actually doing all the work.  They are the ones who are actually holding up…It goes back to what we’ve said before about what the police office said:  “I’m just doing my job.”  So they’re doing the same thing:  they’re just doing their job.  But their job is just to follow instructions.

When you show them something different, they start to question, they start to look at this and they say, “Wow!  I’ve never seen it that way.  I didn’t understand it that way.”  And then they start talking to their peers within the structure itself, and from there it goes higher up and higher up and they start looking at it and they start putting two and two together and say, ‘Hey, wait a minute!  This affects us too!  If this is so then that would free me from being here and doing something that I don’t want to do and that’s not necessary to do.”

Soon they will realize that over 90% of what we have created on the planet as a job or created as an institution really has no purpose whatsoever except to keep us busy while we were trying to keep ourselves in an occupied state.  Now we are realizing that we don’t need to do this.  We no longer need to do any of this stuff.  So we are just changing it.

So on the monetary system, all of this is changing.  It’s an awakening.

And what will happen is that more money will be available.  Because, first of all, there is no shortage.  Second of all, there is no restriction in the sense of how it flows or that we need to create an illusion of economies and all that stuff.  Because all that stuff is made up.  But we won’t get into any more details of that because that could be a long conversation.  But I think there was a TED talk video which you have…

Yes.  I actually posted it on the Masterpiece Life Facebook page today (August 8, 2013).  The video was of Peter Joseph looking at the market economy versus the Earth economy.  And he does a great job of summarizing a lot of points in it.  He discusses about how the market economy was always destined to fail, and what an Earth-based economy or an Earth-based market would look like.

Yes.  And the beautiful part is that it’s coming from so many sources now.  Look at how many people are realizing what’s playing out.  And it’s just an education now.  It’s opening and expanding peoples’ consciousness to see it completely different.  That’s all it is!  That’s what’s happening right now.  People are seeing it in a different way.

So what Heather’s done is shifting the paradigm of what we’ve been experiencing up to now.  And as we go along, debt will be cleared.  As we go along, we will find that…

In fact, debt doesn’t even exist.  How could you owe something that came from you in the first place?  The thing is, if you look at it, if you want to go borrow $100,000 from the bank, the only way they can give it to you is to punch it into the computer…but to do that they had to access your signature.  Because you are the one who carries the value.  So you basically owe them your own money.  Which makes no sense.

They can’t charge you interest just because they gave you your own money.  It belongs to you and they had no access to any money until you gave them access by signing a piece of paper saying, “You can take it from my resources.”

Debt doesn’t really exist; it never did.  But we played with that aspect of it.  But it will come to the point where debt will be cleared in the sense where we won’t have to pay back anybody.

Then there will be accessibility for everyone also.  So we will be able to have access to all our requirements…while we go through the phase of eliminating and making adjustments to what serves and doesn’t serve in our control structures.  But we won’t have a control structure.  Basically it’s just there to serve us while we’re going through the transition.

When you look at it, everything that’s been put into place is there to serve us…serve us so that we can experience a higher, clearer freer aspect of self.  And that’s what it’s there for.

So anything that we put into place will contribute to our new state of being….from this moment.

– Transcribed by Annette in August 2013

 from a recording of a live conference call/webcast