Masterpiece Life

The Power of the Olympics

While watching the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics,
a feeling of beauty, appreciation and wonder  came over me.
Yes I know that there are people protesting the Olympics;  that the money used to
create an event of this proportion could go to a different use – solving world hunger, bringing
aide to suffering countries, etc.. However, complaining about what is will never change
anything – in fact, it will only add more energy to it and cause it to amplify.

What if, we stopped complaining about the things we don’t agree with in our lives?
I know, you are probably saying – how dare you speak like that when there is war, poverty,
animals on the brink of extinction, pollution,  and unnecessary hunger happening
all over the world right now, etc., etc., etc. Yes there is. I’m not denying what is.
You are right. All of these things are happening. And yet, we forget how many more
things are actually happening “right” in the world. Have you noticed how many people are
now open to looking at possibilities of creating a new world. Have you seen how many
speakers are out there assisting people to wake up and live life differently.

What if this is all happening exactly as it is supposed to?  What if when we truly get
tired of killing, of destroying, of being controlled by fear, then and only then will we
be willing to create from new.  Maybe we will be able to move into a 5th dimensional living
experience of peace and prosperity for all on this beautiful living planet we call earth.

Let’s try an experiment. For the next 7 days – NO COMPLAINING.
Something comes up that you would normally complain about just
say to yourself, “This is just what is”.
Take a deep breath and release it slowly.

This is what I’ll be doing. I’ll let you know what happens.
If you decide to take it on I’d love to know what you discover.