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Chi Gong Healing workshop with James Foo and Antonia Hagens

Master James Foo

Master James Foo

Antonia Hagens

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Chi Gong Healing workshop with James Foo and Antonia Hagens

This will be a 3 part workshop – you must attend all three dates:
Chi Kung Healing 101 with James Foo & Antonia Hagens:

Day One:  Saturday, October 5th, 11am – 5pm
Day Two:  Saturday, October 19th, 11am – 5pm
Day Three:  Saturday, October 26th, 11am – 5pm

Location:  The Gates of Bayview
4005 Bayview, Pool Lounge
(Bayview & Steeles)
Toronto, ON

Space is limited to only 20.
So please let me know ASAP if
you want a spot reserved for you.

More details on contribution amount to come.

I wanted to get this to you right away so that you
can reserve the dates on your calendar right away.

Program details:
Taught by Master James Foo & Antonia Hagens

Qi (Chi) = life energy, life-force, or energy flow


You’ll Gain Practical New Skills Right Away To Improve Your Health and Energy Levels

Learn To Harness Qi (Chi) and Focus On How To Use It For Self Healing

Apply What You Learn Right Away and Reap The Benefits

Learn How To Teach Other People To Heal Themselves

Day One:

1)  Learn how to feel, taste and smell Qi, and to
distinguish the good and bad Qi.

2)  Learn how to use Qi to improve your energy.
Measure & chart one’s energy before and after practicing Qi exercise.

3)   Question and Answer period.


Day Two:

1)  Sensing the Qi in the Kidneys, Liver, Heart,
Spleen and Lungs to determine your organ’s health
of yourself and your friends.

2)  Learn how to use SIMPLE acupuncture points
to assess your energy levels of your 5 organs.

3)  Learn how to use Strange Meridian and
Simple acupuncture points to improve the
Qi flow in your organs.

4)  Questions and Answer period.


Day Three:

1)  Learn how color plays in healing and its relationship to the 5 organs.

2)  Learn how to use color to improve health status of the 5 organs.

3)  Question and Answer period.

4)  With completion of the entire 3-days course and
successful assessment, participants will receive a certificate.


Who will benefit? People Who:

1) Are seeking natural healing.

2) Want to try an alternative healing method.

3) Want to strengthen their inner energy.

4) Want to stay healthy into their old age.


Cost to Attend: 
$300  ($100 per day)
Seniors and students:  50% discount
Returning students: 50% discount