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Relationship between Energy and Health

Energy and health are completely connected to each other.

To explain it in more detail, everything is comprised of energy.
Whether you are aware of it or not your body, and all things around
you and even your thoughts are all made up of energy. The reason
you do see them as separate is because they are vibrating at a different
frequency and that makes it different to the naked eye.

Your physical body is a vehicle, a shell that you occupy while you
reside on this planet. The frequency of the vibration of
your body has a lot to do with how you feel, your belief system and
what you think about  at that time. This will fluctuate as you change your mind
(thought), release your negative belief system or, feel good or bad
about where you are at that time in your life.

The rising of the energy in your physical body will energize every cell
in your body and will bring you to the state of flawless health.
The other side of the coin is that as the frequency of the vibration of
your physical body decreases, it will affect the health of the cells
and bring down your immune system. Therefore, it will then  be very easy for
the body to break down and get sick.

Scientist have done test over and over with people and realized the
incredible healing power of feeling good and laughter. I personally
have witness this phenomenal in so many cases and with so many people
in my seminars or outside the seminars.

A very interesting scenario that I remember vividly from a few years ago
was when I was walking behind another man on my way to the gym.
I monitored his energy and noticed that his energy was vibrating at a
very high frequency as he was listening to his favourite song on head
phones connected to his IPod. He was very happy and almost dancing.
As we arrived at the change room he looked up at the TV monitors,
which were displaying the news and president Bush was giving a speech
regarding the Iraq situation. I was right behind him and noticed that he
took off his head set and moved all his attention to the TV monitor and
the news. It was not long after that when I noticed that the joy and high
vibration got sucked out of him and he started looking bewildered.

In the time that took me to change and put my gym bag in the locker he was already
so depleted that he had to sit down on the nearby bench to rest. I turned to
him and asked, “Are you okay?”  He looked away from the TV monitor for a moment
and said,  “I don’t know, all of the sudden I feel exhausted and have no energy
I better go home”. Then, he picked his gym bag and started walking out.

As I tuned to his energy it was very obvious how the negative news and dark
thoughts pulled all his energy out of his body and left him with a sense of
exhaustion. This important fact affects everyone and it is imperative
for you to know how important is to keep your energy up and how much effect
it has on your everyday health.

If you could see the vibration of energy you would see a bright beam of light
coming down to the top of your head which brings energy and rejuvenates.
This increases the frequency of the vibration of your body and at the same time
there is a dimmer light going down from the bottom of your feet which takes out the
energy and slows down the frequency of your vibration.

Joy peace and love is the key to open up the crown chakra and allow the Universe’s
energy to come in and fill you with all its splendour. The result would be a great
looking body with flawless health and lots of energy. Now in the other hand,
dark thoughts like worries, fear, anger, jealousy and other emotions like that
are the main reason why all the energy gets sucked out of people and the physical
body’s vibration will go so far down that it cannot support a being living in it.
People then leave their bodies and they contribute it to some kind of disease or
heart attack or stroke.

I became aware of this fantastic truth about twenty two years ago, and my whole
life changed. I feel stronger.  I have more energy. I have not been sick for even
one day since then.

Once you understand how connected your energy is with your health and how important
it is for you to keep your energy in the highest level possible, you then realize
that you can totally control your health in spite of whatever is going on out there,
or what kind of germs and bacteria are running around.

People have come to several of my Mastering Effortless Health seminars
and have reported that, not only does their health improved in a huge way but
also they begin to look and feel much younger.

Once you become aware of this powerful truth your whole life transforms
in a magical way. You feel freer and much happier because you realize
that you have the power regarding your health at every moment of your life.

Another important issue regarding flawless health is that you must remember
to be true to yourself, or in other words, true to your belief system.
If you belief that certain foods are not good for you and that by eating it you will bring
the energy of your physical body down or get fat or sick then; until you change
that belief system you must stop eating that food.

That is why it is so important for everyone to know what kind of belief system they
have and how it will affect their energy which ultimately affects their health.

My desire for everyone on this planet is to become aware of their thoughts and belief
systems so that they can release what they don’t want and keep what they do.

Bijan Anjomi