Masterpiece Life

Will You Join Us in Sending Love to the Military – Worldwide?!

Amazing Magnificent Creator Essence That You Are,

First – I need to let you know that I am in a deep
state of profound love for you!

What an incredible time we have chosen to be together.

I Love You.

All is Love. We Are One!

There are so many changes that are taking place because
we are feeling Love & Oneness more and more.

I’d like to request that for the next 2 weeks you focus with
us on directing Love & Oneness to the military.

Many of you already know how much of the old 3D world
the military industrial complex controlled – and that is changing!

In these next 2 weeks, will you join with Franco and myself in directing
Love & Oneness to the military the world over – yes that includes the police.

Franco and I have been directed to work with this stage right now.
As you join with us we amplify.

You can simply stop throughout the day and send Love & Oneness,
or do any of the activations/clearings that you can access at:

With my children being home for summer vacation I have not yet had a chance to
add the activations from the 2013 & Beyond weekend and Global Re-Empowerment
of Humanity so you can access them at:

2013 & Beyond: Continuing the Shift Into Oneness:

Global Re-Empowerment of Humanity:

Follow you heart and do any of the above clearings and activations
or just simply do your own meditation.

Please pass this on!!!