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2013 & Beyond: Continuing the Shift Into Oneness – Final Preview Call

Hi Amazing One,

This is a reminder that we have a very powerful Workshop live in Toronto and
available internationally through live stream this coming weekend, June 8th. & 9th.

We also have another preview call this Wednesday, June 5th. at 9:00 pm. eastern time.
To access the preview call, to listen to the first preview call and to register for the workshop,
go to:

We have embarked on a completely new human journey unprecedented by any journey ever
experienced before by any civilization.  We are experiencing a massive transformation and
expansion that embodies the planet as well as everything and everyone on the planet.
We are for the first time going to experience a level of unconditional love and oneness that
supersedes any ever experienced.  We are no longer here for individualized self,
but for all aspects of self, being every soul on the planet as one singular self.

Many things are unfolding globally and on a personal level due to the transformation
taking place at this time.  This transformational time has brought with it many challenges
and confusion. To facilitate with all that is taking place, we are providing an opportunity to
come together to assist one another and to shift the consciousness on the planet, while we
collectively create more openings for further movement.  We are creating everything a new,
none of what has been used before will facilitate this transformation.

Be part of something huge, join us in this powerful 2-day workshop coming up in
Markham, Ontario, Canada that Franco DeNicola and I am hosting.
The workshop is this weekend June 8th & 9th from 10am – 6pm each day.
You can attend in person or via live stream on the Internet.  Therefore, anyone from
anywhere in the world that has Internet access can attend.  No matter how you choose
to attend, audio replays will also be made available.  To not restrict anyone from attending,
you can register by contributing the recommended amount or you can offer what feels
comfortable based on your own financial means, this applies to attending in person
or live stream.  This is not a workshop you want to miss, do whatever you can to be
there in person or join us on live stream.

The topic of the workshop is:  2013 & Beyond: Continuing the Shift Into Oneness

After the long awaited alignment of the 21st. of December 2012, much has
taken place and it is only the beginning.  Several things took place to usher
in this time that we are now in.  There was a completion of our 3rd cycle of
5,125 years and an entry into our 4th cycle, which is a very different cycle,
one that has never been experienced before.  This cycle represents a time
of highly accelerated enlightenment, which involves a restoration of
our natural design and operating system, while incorporating completely new
parameter of creator essence.  In addition, we also completed a secondary cycle
of 25,920 years, which offers new energies and frequencies to shift our experience
of reality, our world and our connection and relationship to our galactic
brother/sister souls on other levels of existence.

In this workshop we will explore all the changes that have taken place and are
taking place that are changing us as well as our collective. We will also explore the
various activations we are facing and will be expecting in the coming months
of 2013-2014.  We will take a look are our transitory 4th dimensional consciousness,
which is preparing us for a higher, 5th dimensional living.  All of this is in preparation
for the collective to shift along with our planet, as our planet and everything on the
planet shifts into a higher gear and into the 5th dimensional consciousness.


The following will be covered during the 2-day workshop, we will also use guided
meditations to take the participants into a deeper state to effectively release
old programs and activate new states of consciousness:

The first part of the 2-day workshop we will cover the following:

*  Taking a look on how we fragmented our energy and ourselves and do a
restoration process.

*  The changes that took place and how we are in a different energy field and state of being.

*  Taking a look at all that is changing in our world and within ourselves.

*  A look at our programs, conditioning and ego and how to step beyond them.

*  We will play with the process of clearing and shifting the power and energy
given to what we adopt as our reality.

*  Becoming an expanded being while being in human body.

*  Taking a close look at the systems, institutions and governing bodies to
understand what is taking place how it served and how to shift it.

*  Stepping out of fear and survival.

*  Understanding Source/God, our connection and the role it plays.

*  A look at our higher self.

*  How we can take an active role in shifting our reality and world.

*  Understanding the 4th dimensional principles as a stepping-stone into
entering a 5th dimensional consciousness with the shift of Earth into the New Earth.

*  What is the concept of ‘One’ and how do our individual roles fit within the
divine plan for ascension of this planet.

The Second part of the 2-day workshop we will mostly integrate active
processes through meditations involving clearings, activation,
realignments and accessing new source codes:

*  Address any questions from what was covered the day before.

*  Exploring a self-clearing process.

*  Active process to extract and eliminate personal and collective ego strings/programs.

*  Removing layers of negative conditioning and toxins from the body.

*  Exploring and removing old contracts and ties so as to move freely towards soul purpose.

*  Active process to reintegrate ourselves to our creator essence.

*  In-depth integration of 4th. & 5th. dimensional consciousness,
energies and source codes.

*  Conducting a guided global activation through each participant to shift the
energies of the planet, while clearing old energies and consciousness,
activating oneness, unconditional love and peace.

** Please note; wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat and blanket
so you are comfortable during the in-depth processes involving meditation.

This will be a high-energy and very expansive workshop not to be missed.

For the first time we are coming together to change our planet and experience.
We are no longer doing it individually.  For the first time we can clearly see
how we can now play an active role in transforming everything that no longer serves.

This is an exciting time and one of the most anticipated times in our human
history because we are finally uncovering the truth of our true nature,
which not only empowers us, but also allows us the creative potential to
design a new world!

I am so look forward for you to be part of this powerful event!

For further details and to register, go to
this link:

Much love & light