Masterpiece Life

How You Are Changing the Outcome of 2013

Creator Essence That You Are,

 Do you know that as you remove veils you are
changing 2013 for yourself and for the whole collective?

Please own the power and magnificence that you are.

 On Wednesday, June 5th at 9pm Eastern we will be having
the final preview call for the 2013 & Beyond: Continuing
the Shift Into Onenes
s event.

This call is to answer your questions about the event and
have you realize how important it is for you to be a part of it.

You see, it’s not just some weekend program – it is what
your soul has called you to do.

When you participate it in (in Toronto or all over the world via
audio live stream) YOU ARE CHANGING THE OUTCOME OF 2013!!!

That’s how powerful it is. 

Mark Wednesday, June 5th at 9pm Eastern on your calendar now.

Then go to the link below to get all your event details and
enter your questions in the Q&A section:


See you Wednesday, meanwhile have fun in the dance we call life.
I am sure you will keep in mind that all of it is just a game that we are creating.
The play on the outside really does not matter, we are here just to advance our soul.
Play lightly with the external illusion.

With Love & Oneness,


Here’s the link again with all the call details: