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Creativity with Nature Retreat Now Open to All

Amazing One,

I’m posting the full weekend  Creativity with Nature Retreat
with Franco DeNicola and myself  here for you to access.

Just click on the link below to get full FREE access:

Creativity with Nature Retreat.


This very powerful retreat held in August in 2012 focused
on opening up the the natural Creativity within Nature and all of us
that has been stemmed for so long. The retreat was intentionally
put together so that all who attended could feel and connect
with the frequencies in Nature.

Some of the Activations and talk are done outside amongst the trees
(in a vortex)or on the beach by the water.
The sound might be a little difficult at times but do not worry
about getting the exact words – it’s the
frequencies carried within that will best assist you.

The Activations are very powerful and will put you in a deep state
of reconnection with ALL.

Feel free to pass it on as accessing our innate Creativity in Oneness
with Love is what will guide us to create a new world on our planet
that is freed from competition, greed and control.

Here is the link again:

Creativity with Nature Retreat


**Once you do listen feel free to post comments below as it assists many
when you do so.

With Love & Oneness