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The Clearings, Language and Falling Asleep

Magnificent One,
Jana just sent me a great question that possibly many of you also have regarding language and
falling asleep during the Clearings.  I have included her question and my response here for you to access:

Dear Antonia!

I would like to share with you an interesting experience I had while listening to your
last quiet the mind meditation.
This meditation brings a lot of peace, however,
the first time I listened to it I burst out with tears. My feelings
were something like:
” I just want to be in the state of unconditional Love and Peace, in the state of knowing and

experiencing that I am the source EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE.
crying and crying trying the feel it and
then release it. Two days later I did the fear clearing and afterwards I had

this beautiful insight – what a beautiful gift this duality was, how wonderful that
we could experience happiness
and sorrow, how wonderful it is to be able to get
together and then part again…
Well, not that I would like to come back to it,
it’s just that I seemed to stop judging it.

This lasted all day and it was a great feeling.

Antonia, I would like to ask, if the clearings are beneficial also for people
who don’t speak good English
and are not able to understand all of what
is said on the recordings and my second question is if the
clearings work
also when I fall asleep shortly after the clearing starts and just sleep till the end.

Antonia and Franco, thank you very much for your
assistance on this wonderful journey!

With much, much Love and Light – Jana
Here is my response:

Beautiful Jana,

The Clearings that we facilitate are not just about the words being spoken
(although they are powerful) it is the frequencies that are being communicated
to the person participating (listening).It dose not matter what language they
speak or even if they don’t understand English at all.
The frequencies are still at work and if they are drawn to listening to the
Clearing it is because the soul has brought it about.

It is the same for falling “asleep”. The frequencies are still at work.
Actually, most people do fall “asleep” and only wake up at the end.
I say “asleep” because you are not really asleep but rather you have
entered into an altered state where the frequencies are
best able to work with you.

You are doing great work for yourself and for all of humanity!
Keep doing the Clearings!! 🙂

The Clearings can be found by clicking on the tab at the top of this page marked
“Clearings/Activations” or by simply clicking on the link below:

Clearings & Activations by Franco DeNicola & Antonia Hagens

With Love & Oneness,