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12-12-12 Welcoming Neutrality

Magnificent One,

Happy New Era!! Welcome to the 4th Dimension!!!

Last night’s 12-12-12 Welcoming Neutrality Process

Thank you for being the Pillars of Light that you are.

How are you today? Notice any new lightness?
Did you feel all the extra assistance that we now have?

98 Suns +  more beings of light that can now assist.
Can you tell I’m excited??? 🙂

Here is the link to the complete replay:

Pass it on. Post it on Facebook, post it on Twitter.
Do everything you can to circulate it as much as possible.

We are living the greatest shift since Jesus Christ was on the planet. YES!!!!

Be sure to listen to the 12-12-12 Process as many times as possible
from now until December 20th.  By doing this you are assisting Franco
and I in the work that we are all doing together!

Sending you Columns of Love Light,
Antonia & Franco

Here’s the complete page link to post: