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Quiet The Mind to Lighten Up Mini Meditation

Time to Lighten Up!!

Here is a mini meditation from the Lighten Up
Group Clearing that Franco DeNicola & I just hosted.

To access it just click on the link below or go to
the “Free For You” tab on the site and get it
from there.

Quiet the Mind to Lighten Up

We host very powerful group clearings monthly to
assist all. When you participate in these clearings, you are
not only assisting yourself, but you are also assisting those
around you, the animal kingdom and this beautiful home we
call earth.

The Group Clearings take place every month on a different
subject that we check in energetically with that will be of
most assistance to all in relation to what is happening on
the planet right now.

The small contribution assists us to keep all these program
running to better assist you.

Once again, here is the link to the min meditation on:

Quiet the Mind to Lighten Up