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Relationships: The Male-Female Role of Provider and Care Giver

Franco DeNicola

“Relationships: The Male-Female Role of Provider and Care Giver” is a continuation of the post I did a few days ago on “What is a Healthy Relationship”.



The perceived normal role as a partner, while you have the provider-protector, and then you have the nurturer-comforter, and then sometimes you tend to get locked within those roles. And very often we assume passed-down roles to the detriment of one or the other, meaning – someone thinking they have to be the provider, therefore cannot go on to do other things.

When you did the Oneness Consciousness Event last month I had an Aha-moment, when I realized that manifesting or creating or co-creating, is a condition that requires both sometimes opposites or oppositions, or suppressor and victim, or a victim and a victimizer. That often we have this opposite role in manifesting. And that is why some of our creations may not come out in a specific way.


So my question is:

Can you provide some examples of what a manifestation from Oneness Consciousness would look like, feel, taste, smell, that might be available to people now to look at creating, as opposed to the old paradigm where in a relationship you have the role of the provider,  the protector and then you have the role of the caregiver, the nurturer.

If we remove the old paradigm of that duality and now we are approaching a relationship from the Oneness Consciousness, what would that look like?”


Franco DeNicolaResponse:

Actually, that is an excellent question and staging there, about that whole thing about  Oneness, and also, the roles.

Because that is key to understand that the roles we have played in the past, that – one being the male, and they have to play all these specific roles. And we have the female that plays all these other specific roles. And then of course, depending on your culture, and also the different eras, that the roles have changed to some degree, but the roles are different.

So, with the shift in Consciousness that we are going through, with the Oneness Consciousness, we actually go beyond these roles and we start to eliminate the roles.

Where it is not about the male playing all these specific roles and the female playing other specific roles of one being provider and one being the nurturer and so forth.

Those roles were what served in the past and what we played with before, where we started to categorize. But this is one of the things we need to understand, that through this Shift of Consciousness that we are going through, we are allowing the opportunity for play.

See the thing is, what was occurring with us, is that each lifetime that we come back onto the planet, we pick a different role, or a different culture, a different set of parents. To give us a different stage of experiences. Now, also coming into a female or a male gender, that also provided the same thing – a different experience.

But now we are dissolving all of that to a stage where we are in a female body, or a male body, but we are not anymore adhering to what we set as a protocol of what it represents to be a male or a female.

So that we are playing in an open platform.

And each soul is given the opportunity to really have a variety of experiences, without, saying for example, a woman comes onto the planet and she is basically caught up playing a woman’s role, or what is deemed to be a woman’s role, based on the programs – because all of this stuff is made up along the way. Even the energies that they have talked about, that we have come into, yes, those energies may have created us, the female dynamics and the male dynamics, and we may have a different way of responding. But that uniqueness of responding is also not going to be a prison or a box any longer.

So a woman comes into an experience on the planet, or male, or vice versa, and they are stuck playing that one particular role of a male or female and all the dynamics there included.

By allowing the roles to step out of the way, you can have the flexibility. Not that you play one specific role, because then the specificness of the roles will no longer be there.

So then you can actually be another being, another soul, in a body, that can experience all realms of the existence on the planet, the playground, and so forth, without having those paradigms held in place.

With the Oneness consciousness that’s coming in, is that instead of us coming into each others lives and “I play this role, and I play that role”, in a rigid form, we are going to be in a fluid form, where we come into each others lives, we assist one another, without “I need to play this you need to play that” it’s – you assist and you adapt with that, in fluidity to play with the opportunity, of giving each other the opportunity to play.

Now, at the same time, whilst this is occurring we are not going to be in that old rigid form, we are also allowing ourselves – each soul – to experience itself in a free state, where it  no longer needs to be bound in any way by the genders or by any culture or belief system or anything of that nature, that is attached to the genders.

So in a Oneness Consciousness we see each of us as aspects of each other, and we assist each other in a way where each soul will get the exact lessons that they need, the exact expansion that they need, and the self discovery that they need, without having rigidity. Without having barriers, or definitions, and so forth, of what one role, versus the next, plays.

So it becomes very fluid. And I am not saying playing house and all that stuff because those are again little games that we have played, and these are all definitions that we have created that are dissolving too.

It is a harmonious dance, everybody is allowed to be themselves, whatever that may be, in a very fluid state. It is not anymore caught up in the old program, or holding in place that “This is the role I came here to play, and this is the role I need to play”.

No, you came in here to have a variety of experiences, and because everything is accentuated and sped up and this Oneness Consciousness is coming in, you can shift your experience much more freely, without being caught up in any of the old programs from before.

So all of it is changed, right now. We are in a very different, and exciting times because we are not as restricted. And this is what all the Purge & Clear is all about, is to get rid of all the restrictions and so forth. And to learn whatever we needed to complete and learn from and then move on from there.