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What is a Healthy Relationship?

What is a Healthy Relationship?  This is taken from one of our free monthly Question and Answer Sessions with Franco DeNicola.
Stay tuned as I will be posting more questions and answers from the “What is a Healthy Relationship” event over the next few days.


Franco DeNicolaWhen you suggested that title – “Healthy Relationship”  it was kind of humorous and I thought, “Ok, this is a good opportunity for play” – because the thing is – many people still believe there is a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

On a perceptional level, what we can call the human program way, where we have adopted certain standards, certain protocols of what a relationship should be like and what would be considered healthy and unhealthy, then of course we have a belief that there is one that is healthy and unhealthy.

But in actual fact there is no such thing. All relationships serve. And that is what all relationships are about.

See, relationships altogether in itself, is in existence for us to self discover.

And a lot of times you say that “I am involved with somebody else how do I discover myself?”

Through a relationship, through all interactions that you have, you get to discover more of yourself. You get to see who you are and how or what is still playing out within yourself.

We have created this playground with other aspects of ourselves, to be in relationships, and to serve. Because that is the purpose of relationship.

I know we have the belief system that a relationship should be something that romantically we come together, and we have two people coming together and they love each other and they play specific roles.

And I am not saying that that does not serve, or that not possible, or that there is anything right or wrong about that.

The thing is – that is one perspective of looking at what a relationship is about.

Self discovery and growth is the main purpose of relationships.

And specially now, the dynamics of relationships has changed.

Because of the Purge & Clear that we have gone into, relationships have been of massive growth. And especially now with the shift coming into play, what better way than to utilize relationships as an opportunity for self discovery, and also purging and clearing all belief systems, programs, and so forth, that still play out with us.

So it is of greatest servitude, and the servitude will take whatever form it needs to take.

And the other part, which you touched upon, was that we are in a relationship with everything. Everyone. And it doesn’t matter if it is a neighbour, if it is somebody that you love in your life, it’s your children, it’s your friends and so forth. Of course, within your physical self, the relationship with your mind body and soul, your relationship with the nature, animal kingdom the oceanic kingdom, the planet itself, plus – other aspects of ourselves off the planet, and so forth.

So we are in relationship to all of it, it is not limited. But yes, there is a lot of times that our relationship is directed back to that significant other, that person, looking for the other half of ours, or the soul mate, or whatever is playing out.

But there is more to all of that, and that is what we will get to play with this evening.

So I wanted to clarify all that because of the fact, we talked about healthy and unhealthy and I knew that this was going to create certain questions for people and so forth. Because the answer to that: There is no such thing as healthy and unhealthy relationship, it doesn’t matter what anybody else says – all relationships serve, and they will serve in the dimension that will allow you to discover yourself and to step beyond all what we have created as realities within ourselves.

Basically as much as a relationship is coming together, it is really opening up a freedom. A freedom of self. And that is what it is about.

And it goes two ways, it is never one-sided. There will be the odd occasion that one soul agrees to play a specific role for the other. And it does exist, I am not saying that it is not. It is a smaller percentage of that. But the growth aspect of it is usually neutral most of the time. Where each soul has something to learn from it.

And the thing is, in the growth process, it does not mean that both will equally gain the lesson, or the experience they need, or the purging that they need.

One may get it quicker than the other, one may get it, one may not.

They are both offered, mutually soul to soul, the opportunity, and the stage, to do so.

However, it all depends on the state that they are in and what they are going through.

And regardless, sometimes there are going to be relationships where one will continue to play one specific role, and one dynamic to another, meaning one relationship with another, or with others, because of the fact that they are not completing their journey or learning their experience, however they are still serving through that because other souls that need to have this experience will show up.

So that is the beauty about all of this beautiful  creation:

We are in each other’s lives in a specific role with one another, for our opportunity to grow.