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Letting Go, Releasing the Past – Group Clearing

It’s time to let go of the baggage!!!

Part of the current human experience has been to drag the past with
us everywhere we go.

The past is something to give us reference, and a perspective, not to
limit us and tie us down. Yet, ego just loves to keep playing it over and
over in our minds.

Join Franco DeNicola and myself next Monday, March 5th at 9pm Eastern
and free yourself from ego’s hold on “The Past”

Letting Go, Releasing the Past

Here is the outline for the Clearing Call:

Letting Go, Clearing the Past Group Clearing
Part 1 is Welcome & Introduction
Part 2 is Quieting the Mind for Releasing the Past
Part 3 is Explanation and Teaching
Part 4 is The Clearing

We send you great love and thank you for your support and
participation in empowering yourself and assisting the planet
at this time of great change.

Many changes are underway in 2012. This clearing is designed
to assist you to stay centered in peace and to follow your own
inner guidance.

Here’s the link to Go Register Now:

Letting Go, Releasing the Past