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Have you said, “I don’t know what I feel like doing anymore?”

Eveline Kopachkov

Eveline Kopachkov

Have you ever heard someone say or said yourself,
“I don’t know what I feel like doing anymore?” or
“I don’t know what feels right?”

With all the hype of “finding” our self, of “finding” happiness
or inner peace, of wanting, wishing, hoping and trying,
we have a tendency to play games in the mind, which
results in the perception that something is always missing.
So we keep on looking for that something… wait for something… chase after something.
The present moment never seems to be good enough! And that can be very painful.

Keeping this in mind, truth is, you are in fact always doing what you
“feel like doing” – whether you like what you’re doing or not and whether you
judge it to be right or wrong  – you are always doing what you feel
like doing, otherwise you’d be doing something else!

Nothing is missing and that’s reality. When something seems to be missing,
it’s mind fabrication, ego, passed on teachings, beliefs and conditioning.
Ultimately, we all move on when we feel like moving on.
It may be discomfort, new awareness or simply the readiness and will to
change our situation that motivates us. – Eveline Kopachkov