Masterpiece Life

Be You!!!

Amazing One!

You are unique and it was meant to be that way!

Be YOU. Stand Up. Shine.

We are programmed from a very young age to “fit in”, “be like the others”,
“don’t stand out”, “don’t show off”, “be like everyone else”, “don’t draw
attention to yourself”, “follow orders”, “do what you are told”,
“don’t think”. And the list goes on and on….

Not blaming anyone here and that just how it is for most of us.

All adding up to “don’t be different or else you won’t be
accepted, which in turn means, you won’t be loved”.

As human beings we all want to be accepted and loved.
Here’s the Truth – You were designed to STAND OUT.

The world needs you to Be YOU.

Be YOU. Share your gifts. Don’t compare yourself to
others and find yourself lacking.

Celebrate what makes you different.

The world needs YOU, not someone trying to be
who they are not – (uses up a lot of energy and
is very exhausting).

There is no one you need to be other than yourself.
You HAVE to be yourself. The world is depending on it.


Go look in the mirror.

Take a deep breath.

Look yourself in the eyes and smile from the heart.
Free your energy from your heart and let it
completely surround you.

Accept the Magnificence you see right in from of you.

Let yourself glow.

Glow baby glow!!!!

Don’t fit in. You can only be “boxed” if you allow yourself to be.

Now go show the world who you really are! 🙂