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Free Question and Answer Seminar with Franco DeNicola

Tonight, Monday, November 14th at 9pm Eastern Franco DeNicola and I are
hosting a FREE open format Question and Answer Mini Seminar online.
This event is designed to support you in your journey of an accelerated awakening.
By participating in this call you are not only empowering and assisting yourself,
but also assisting the collective consciousness to shift.
Franco DeNicola and I have organized these Free Open format
Question and Answer mini-seminars online to assist you with
what is taking place in your life now and to assist the Shift that
we are moving through with 2012.

We already have many questions is the Q&A so be sure to go to
the link below and enter your question too.
To participate and attend the Free Question and Answer Mini Seminar
with Franco DeNicola at 9PM Eastern click on the link below:
Franco DeNicola Free Question & Answer Online Event

Go to the Q&A section now and enter your questions.
Be sure to join the Masterpiece Life community on the right hand side
of this page and the replay of the Franco DeNicola Free Mini Seminar will
be made availalbe. Plus, you will also be kept updated on all future events.

Antonia Hagens