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Understanding The Human Experience

The Understanding The Human Experience with Franco
DeNicola and Antonia Hagens weekend seminar
is May 28 & 29, 2011. 9:30am – 6pm Eastern.

You can attend Understanding The Human Experience
live here in Toronto or you can participate from
anywhere in the world via Masterpiece Life TV.

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Understanding The Human Experience

There are only 14 seats left for the live
event. You Must register now to attend live!!!


  • Understand the Transformation Taking Place
  • How you function and make your choices
  • How all levels of you operate
  • Balance left & right brain
  • What you can activate and de-activate
  • What is the control system and how to bypass it
  • The role of rituals and modalities
  • Beings and the roles they play
  • How to communicate with your soul
  • And much, much more…

This seminar is unique from any other. Not only you will have a better
understanding of the human experience and the transformation taking place,
you will also clear of old programs, belief systems and concepts that
are driving and limiting your life experience.

There will be several activations and downloads taking place at the
event at different points to provide an expanded consciousness, that will
facilitate the consciousness shift taking place within all those attending
– whether live in Toronto or over the internet via Masterpiece Life TV.

All at the degree that they are ready and open, will experience a
profound acceleration and advancement within them during the event.
Everyone will leave very different.

Register Now:
Understanding The Human Experience

Do to an incredible contribution we have been able to
lower the contribution to participate to:

ONLY $98 – For The Entire Weekend!!

We do not know when we will ever be able to
host such a powerful event at such an amazing
price so register now!!!

Understanding The Human Experience is life
changing for all who attend. You know that there
is so much more to being human and at this
event you will find out what really is possible
and how to access it.

It’s time for humanity to wake up. The information,
clearing, meditations and activations you will
be a part of will change you forever. It will
empower you to not only change your life – but
to change the world.

Register Now!:
Understanding The Human Experience